Testimonial of entrepreneurial farmer in applying Bt/GM corn

Rama encouraged his fellow farmer to try this agri-technology
Juanito Rama, an Ilocano farmer and leader of one “going big” cooperative narrated that when they started their group way back 2006 using the GM/ Bt corn they were just 72 members and he said no one would like to believe him or them. 
Juanito Rama, proud in applying Bt/GM corn in theri coop.
However, by applying the technology and seeing the product of their labor in 2009 and all the positive effects especially in yield and productivity of manpower coop increased to 150; and in 2012 it grew to more than 500 members.

He said, when a farmer joins in their organization for P20,000 capital, a dividend of P30,000 will be given. They have farmers with P10,000 capitalization, who gained P40,000 for his dividend and they already redeemed it twice.

Their mutual alliance with the farmers is building now with confidence and trust with people as they also acquired assets in machineries and other equipments needed in farming.

They used the Bt corn as feeds for animals, however, farmers admitted that they also tried grilling the corn to know its taste and he said it was indeed delicious too.

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