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Explore DeMARS, Antipolo City

DeMARS, the modern European Bistro grill that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City
WHEN it comes to food, the power of word of mouth through friends and relatives counts a lot for us to try the restaurant or taste the food.

The taste, presentation of food, ambiance, customer service, location, price and mode of payment are some of the criteria why people come to have a food trip.

DeMARS Fine European Nippon Bistro & Grill is the first, modern European fine dining restaurant and bistro in Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines.  A fusion of British, French, Italian and Filipino cuisines situated with the beautiful mountain scenery.

DeMARS Fine European Restaurant in Antipolo City
The quality of food of DeMARS, its ambiance and overall performance matches the price and got our excellent feedback!  Taste and visit DeMARS food soon.

DeMARS, A Dream Come True

DeMARS was named after Chef Demar and his father Mario Regresado who passed away in 2014. 

Chef Demar and R-gie Regresado
R-gie Liwanag Regresado, the wife of Chef Demar and the general manager of DeMARS narrated that her father-in-law dreamed of having a restaurant in Philippines.  She also added that the names of her husband and brothers start with the “De” like Dennis (the eldest brother of Demar) and Delfin (the youngest brother of Demar) and so the brand and company name DeMARS started.  This restaurant is a manifestation of a family dream and legacy of their father. His memory and inspiration lives on in this food hub. 

The Chef and Restaurateur Demar Regresado is a Filipino-British citizen with vast work experience in the hotel, culinary and kitchen operations.  He blended and shaped the taste, food style and management of this start-up business backed October 28, 2015.   They just celebrated their first year anniversary. 

Chef Demar's father and the first generation Regresado family lived in London, United Kingdom for more than three decades and reaped success to be the first Filipino-owned grocery operator in U.K.   Their store still exists and being operated by relatives. 

Chef Demar and his wife fell in love with the location and the building when they first saw it then. The three-storey structure is located at Palos Verde Garden Heights, Lot 8 Block 1 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City.  They designed it with European and Filipino interiors plus the romantic atmosphere overlooking the metro view added value to the restaurant location .

Teamwork in DeMARS

Husband and wife tandem, Chef Demar, the executive chef handles all the planning and execution of food menu creations and crew training; while his wife Anne manages the marketing, finance and other operations in the restaurant. 

Chef Demar started his work experience when he was 16 years old in London. He was mentored by Sir Gordon Ramsay and earned his Culinary degree with Certification in Health and Safety in Central College of Commerce of Glasgow, United Kingdom. 

The bistro and grill is completed with trained crews who are attentive to the needs of their customers. 

Our Gastronomic DeMARS Experience 

DeMARS Moringa Focaccia Bread with Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil
Oh my tummy, it’s yummy! Wow oh wow, we tasted all these:
  • Amousebouche (Malunggay Potato Soup) with Moringa Focaccia Bread (with balsamic vinegar & olive oil)
  • House Mix Salad
  • Beef Lasagna
  • Bangers and Mash (Sausages with mashed potato)
  • Corn Fed Chicken
  • Braised Pork Belly
  • Fish and Chips
The General Manager R-gie Liwanag-Regresado said they serve healthy food in their bistro. They do not put any monosodium glutamate (MSG).   All the dishes are prepared in their kitchen and freshly served.  She said, if possible they use organic supplies and do not use any synthetic ingredients. One serving is good for one person but can be shared like what we did. 
DeMARS House Mix Salad & Malunggay Potato Soup
We started with DeMARS complimentary potato-moringa fusion soup with moringa focaccia bread.  Definitely nutritious as they used “malunggay” or moringa, known to contain vitamin C, minerals like iron, calcium and protein. Oh, the smell of the herbs and the taste blended well. This prepares our stomach and our senses to engulf more of DeMARS food. 

The couple is being mentored by Christian family Mr. & Mrs. Tamase, the owners of Natureearth Corporation with regards to healthy and organic harvest like using malunggay, vegetables, herbs and chicken. 

The House Mix Salad with its strawberry-like sauce is served next to soup that is perfect to layer inside our stomach, packed with natural fiber and enzymes.
DeMARS Beef Lasagna with Brown Sauce
The Beef Lasagna is loaded with dark brown sauce, oozing with that Italian-British-Filipino style with spicy, sweet and lovely flavor. The Bangers and Mash (sausages with mashed potato) presentation is captivating.  The dish is filling and delicious too. 

The Corn Fed Chicken is delectable with the tartar sauce. The most favorite, known to be the best and signature dish of DeMARS is Braised Pork Belly.  It exudes with appeal to be eaten bit by bit, to savor its finest flavors.   While the crispiness and wonderful presentation of Fish and Chips posed in amazing stance is so perfect for food photography, alluring!
DeMARS Bangers and Mash
While eating we remarked: “Ano pangalan mo? Nakalimutan ko na pangalan ko! Walang tapon, lahat masarap noh!”  This means in English that we forgot our names after all the food tasting, an expression while eating to mean we are totally delighted!  No waste of food, all are delicious! 
DeMARS Fish and Chips
The adage: “The great way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is so true and DeMARS have captivated our hearts through their good food!  We can say this is more than a five-star food experience.  

Oldies said, when you cook you should put your heart and soul into it so that people may feel and taste the food with love and we can say we experienced it in DeMARS.  This differs DeMARS from the rest, the superior and distinct taste of food cook and serve with passion
DeMARS Corn Fed Chicken
All our senses from our taste buds, visual, smell, feeling and hearing the music were fed and ingrained in our minds, great scrumptious memories of a lifetime. 

Thank you DeMARS and thumbs up to the whole team. 

DeMARS Braised Pork Belly
Feel the love in DeMARS 

It is worth the journey when you see DeMARS.   The cool breeze reminded us that we are on top of the mountain. Oh, we are all awestruck with the ambiance of the restaurant, overlooking the starry starry night and the metropolis view on top of Antipolo City. 

To make our stay memorable and fun, our friends made it LIVE on Facebook while singing with DeMARS’ karaoke! 

We felt the energy of love in this restaurant.

Enjoy DeMARS 
Thanks to DeMARS and Angel for the sumptuous dinner  

Yes, we love the exquisite gastronomic experience in DeMARS!

We valued what we felt here and we wanted to share it with you. You may come and visit them alone but better with friends, or with companions, better yet with your spouse or even with your family. 

This is also good for corporate events and meetings.   They also accept caterings and special events like weddings, birthdays, parties and all kinds of occasions and celebrations. 

Year-end holiday season is fast approaching and  reservation should be done in advance! 

Relax. Unwind. Dine and enjoy food. Love your beautiful life together with DeMARSConverge at DeMARS Fine European Nippon Bistro & Grill. 

DeMARS accepts cash, credit cards and soon cryptocurrency like LEO coin! 
LEO friends, family and its community worldwide support DeMARS Fine European Nippon Bistro & Grill. 

Cheers to DeMARS’ success!   Happy first year anniversary and more branches or franchise outlets to come in the near future! 

Like their Facebook page at @demarsrestaurant and look for more photos in Instagram with the hashtag #demarsantipolo 

For reservation and catering, call +63.917-5954941


PHOTO CREDITS: Mojari Villanueva

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