Reminiscing Ibarra

BALLET PHILIPPINES (BP) revived the “Crisostomo Ibarra” in ballet form, a novel based on Dr. Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere,” choreographed by Paul Alexander Morales with music by Jed Balsamo, shown in Cultural Center of the Philippines.  BP is now on Net25’s The Red Carpet.
JM Cruz meets the winners of Hilsinski Competition Candice Adea (right) and Jean Marc Cordero at CCP
The novel and book in the Filipino subject in high school “Noli Me Tangere” is still a mandatory reading. Remembering all high school memories, the funny moments with classmates regarding the classic drama when Sisa looks for Crispin and Basilio remained in my mind.

Few months ago, we watched the ballet dancers with two prominent winners (of the recently concluded Helsinski competition) namely Candice Adea and Jean Marc Cordero and we affirmed with bloggers and art critics friends that they both deserved to win. They have elastic bodies, so graceful!  Truly professional ballet dancers with passion in the kind of work they are in.

JM Cruz with Carissa Adea ("Sisa"; left), Candice Adea ("Maria Clara";2nd from right ) and JM Cordero ("Ibarra," right)
My son, Juan Miguel (JM) Cruz, an internet and PSP gamer, a first time viewer of live ballet show was mesmerized with the exquisiteness and elegance of all the ballet artists.  Having shown him  the art in dance form, in his grade three elementary level exposed him in a refined and classic world of art and dance with the story of “Crisostomo Ibarra.” JM is now a new fan of Ballet Philippines and he said he will promote to his classmates the unique experience to his Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Tracking back the many fascinating characters of Crisostomo’s life, the major characters were seen in the dance floor like Ibarra's father, Padre Damaso, Donya Victorina, Sisa and the charming Maria Clara.  All these characters left marks in Filipino culture.

The striking plots were seen during the rendition of “Ibarra” and like pantomime, the viewer must have libretto to completely follow the flow of the story. The personalities were artfully included by Jose Rizal, who presented the struggles of the Filipinos during that time.

The novel was introduced by Ballet Philippines in a distinct Filipino ballet dance. It was a standing ovation performance and a different experience that brought us to the works and values of Rizal. 
To see more of these beautiful cultural shows, Ballet Philippines, the premiere dance company in the country, opens its 43rd season with a collection of classical and neo-classical works that showcases the grace, beauty and virtuosity of their dancers. "Songs" is a perfect introduction, watch Net 25’s The Red Carpet this Friday, (September 7) 11:00 pm.

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