Sustainable recommendations for Bt/ GM corn espousal

In the study conducted, Gonzales of SIKAP/ STRIVE INC. urged to sustain the benefits brought forth by the GM corn seed technologies and recommends the following:

1) Full implementation and monitoring of Memorandum Circular no. 3, New Directive on Insect Resistance Management in Bt corn. He added that there must be good venue to ensure the sustainability of Bt-related technology. The total area covered by GM corn has 64% of the total yellow corn area.

2) Establish strategic alliances among stakeholders that can support an agri-biotechnology development policy framework advocating for investments in soft structures (either in technical extension services and sustainable credit schemes); investments in hard infrastructures from farm-to-market roads, irrigation systems, post harvest (processing and trading facilities)

3) Enhancement of public research expenditure on agri-biotechnology and strategic homegrown GM products

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