‘Bangon Pilipinas’: A Movement of Moving Forward

After the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan nothing left to these trees but their structure.
THE result of Super Typhoon “Yolanda” or “Haiyan” in international community brought us Filipinos to be united and even stronger. Millions of Filipinos were struck in the said calamity of life; however, it is the power of “bayanihan” that keeps us going. Giving, sharing, loving and relieving the urgent and basic needs of our “kababayans” in that far away Visayan region. 

This could be the worst super typhoon in the world. The whole Tacloban, Samar, Cebu and some parts of Visayan region were washed out, death toll and missing people are rising, no shelter, no means of communication, no hospitals, no clean water, no clothes, no food, no medicine supplies, poor sanitation, no classes until January 2014, “everything is taken away, broken and battered, stripped raw, stripped bare – you see things, you see people as they are,” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper described his experience during his recent news coverage. 
There's mass exodus from Tacloban to Cebu or from Visayan areas to Manila. International news score the current situation as grim and will take years to build the stricken areas. 
Most of us Filipinos are affected, (even if we are not directly hit by calamity), we felt the different emotions. We have seen the satellite news (CNN, GMT, German news, New Zealand, BBC, etc.) and the trauma of the survivors. However, in spite of this kind of depression, we can still see the survivors laugh, smile and stand strong in the midst of this tragedy. 
Tons of bottled waters for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan from INC Lingap sa Mamamayan
The good news and positive outlook is the admirable resiliency of Filipinos in the situation tremendous hunger, thirst, trauma, stress, but after a while with care and compassion from fellow "kababayans" around the world and international aid, we gain strength.

Local and global aids keep on flowing, giving support, generosity, hope and act of goodness to the Visayan region. We Filipinos are grateful to know that all these things are happening.

The schools, churches, TV networks, government agencies, media and individuals alike are creating ways to bring awareness, support, and encouragement to Yolanda/ Haiyan’s survivors.

Filipinos are moving on, moving forward to stand up again and face the challenges of life.

I will and I can help Philippines 

Netizens' voice is trending - I will help Philippines.

More volunteers are repacking relief goods and using their muscles for a cause to lift those necessary goods and would like to touch peoples' lives in all means they can.

I WILL HELP AND I CAN HELP PHILIPPINES, an echo to all overseas Filipinos, to all of us, to foreigners that it is time for us to unite for a cause and to put our positive actions together.

“No man is an island, no man stand alone.” In this poem/song, we are reminded that we need each other to live. In all of the ways we can do, let us help.

For those who have no money to donate, stop frowning (“bawal nakasibangot’), stop stressing yourself and other people, you may share your time and effort to repack relief goods. Think of several reasons to smile and be grateful to what you can bring to life. Give meaning to yourself and to other people. 
'INC Lingap' in Ormoc, Anibong 

INC Lingap sa Mamamayan.  Volunteers repack relief goods
Our salutation to several international and local organizations especially to INC Lingap sa Mamamayan, also known with its theme this year "Kabayan Ko, Kapatid Ko" proactive in all its actions, organized, systematic and regardless of religion, race, gender, language/dialects this humanitarian aid is all caring in giving relief goods, medical mission and continued support in a speedy way as covered by German News and TV3 in New Zealand media

Kids after Haiyan. The humanitarian aid lead by INC Lingap sa Mamamayan. Courtesy of "Kabayan Ko, Kapatid Ko." New site launched www.kabayankokapatidko.org
USA Radiates Hope  

Nov 16, 2013 Empire State Building beams in two consecutive nights for a cause - for Philippines survivors.
The Empire State Building was illumined with the colors of Philippines’ flag - blue, red and yellow to raise awareness to support typhoon survivors via twitter.com @EmpireStateBldg. 

US sent choppers with relief goods and food drops using parachute to deliver the urgent needs in the quickest manner.  This amazed global Pinoys and netizens. 

US Food drops. Creative and quick way of sending relief goods in Visayan region.
I Am But A Small Voice 

In a song by Lea Salonga, “I Am But a Small Voice,” we can hear it resounding, melodious and in complete harmony with its message of goodwill… 

I am but a small voice 
I am but a small dream 
To smile upon the sun 
Be free to dance and sing 
Be free to sing my song to everyone 

Come young citizens of the world 
We are one, we are one… 

We have one hope 
We have one dream 

And with one voice 
We sing... 

Peace, prosperity 
And love for all mankind… 

We will be posting more events here, alliances and new things will rise, to make a worthy life. 

Bangon Pinoy!  Bangon Pilipinas. 
Kaya natin ito!

Images and links courtesy of:
Alliance of Computer Technology and Information Volunteers (ACTIV) 
Twitter account of Empire State Building
Kabayan Ko, Kapatid Ko Fanpage (My Countrymen, My Brethren)
INC Radio (DZEM 954kHz)

Videos are courtesy of:
TV3 New Zealand Media - Conditions 'hellish for Philippines survivors
German News - Relief Operations in Ormoc, Leyte in You Tube

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