Thursday, December 4, 2008

VCO in capsules more effective than its liquid form

By Rudy Milay, Jojo M. Ocampo & Juliet Z. Cruz

The month of December could be the most festive month when numerous offers of sumptuous dinner more often are fatty foods that sometimes cannot be ignored.

Your worries can now be minimized by bringing virgin coconut oil (VCO) in capsules form inside your bag or wallet.

Know the good news about the encapsulated VCO:

“The encapsulated version of the highly acclaimed VCO is more effective than its liquid version,” said general surgeon Dr. Ed Lalusis, medical director and CEO of Growrich Manufacturing Inc.

According to the latest studies on VCO products, the sales of coconut oil in capsule form registered a significant increase than its bottled VCO counterparts.

Describing VCO as the "miracle oil," Lalusis said the VCO is considered the healthiest dietary oil on earth and has earned a good following among overseas Filipinos and foreigners in different countries all over the world.

He said that overseas workers before encountered problems in bringing VCO in cold climate countries and drinking it there.

"Those working in countries with cold climates usually get frustrated when the VCO liquid freezes or hardens," said Dr. Lalusis. "But OFWs who take with them the capsulated VCO product do away with these storage problems."

Another reason for encapsulating VCO is the growing concern of doctors on the oxidation that VCO liquid goes through once it is exposed to air.

"Reports of the liquid VCO turning rancid a few days after its bottle or container is opened are becoming a frequent complaint," said Lalusis.

According to Lalusis, 500mg Growrich VCO capsule was conceptualized to serve those who believe in the benefits of VCO but find difficulty in drinking its liquid form.

"People will love VCO products more when they take it in capsule form," Lalusis said.

More benefits of VCO in capsule elucidated

Recent studies have revealed that VCO is effective for indigestion, asthma, diarrhea, diabetes, sepsis (blood poisoning) in infants and even HIV. In addition, studies have shown that VCO have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties to fight against diseases.

VCO in capsule generates the highest energy our body needs among the rest of fruit-based food supplements in the world. In a clinical study conducted on diabetic persons, after taking two VCO in capsule for a number of days, the clinical observation was that they have low cholesterol reading and normal SGPT (serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase). Persons suffering from diabetes should take two VCO’s in capsule everyday to substitute for sugar as the source of body energy.

"In capsule form, the VCO may freeze or harden, especially in colder climates. But once taken in, the body's natural heat will again turn it into liquid form where it will be broken down and absorbed and processed by the body," said Lalusis' wife, Purisima, one of the country's foremost chemists who develop the VCO in capsule form.

The pediatricians from the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital concluded that VCO in capsule is anti-bacterial as result of a study conducted among infants. Babies given a daily doze of 500mg VCO in capsule reported no incident of sepsis.

VCO in capsule also relieves persons suffering from constipation and cleans the intestine from toxins. It was also found as a good substitute for mineral oil which is found in animal fats and not good for our body unlike VCO which is medium-chain saturated fatty acids. It thus prevents myocardial infarction or heart attack as the cholesterol build up is minimized.

Persons suffering from peptic ulcer were found to experience no gastric pain after taking two VCO in capsule daily. Hemorrhoid affected persons reported of no rectal bleeding as the VCO in capsule served as a laxative and eased their bowel movement.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients indicated relief after taking two VCO capsule daily and noted no steroidal effect on their body. Besides the phlegm their body produces is white and not yellowish in color.

These and more are the good effects of VCO in our body. It is best taken in two capsules a day to prevent overdose of body oil intake. The human only needs so much dosageof oil to prevent ill effects. Besides VCO in capsule, like Growrich, is manufactured in cold process thus maintaining the natural freshness of coconut oil and since it has no human intervention it is very safe to conclude that no rancidity takes effect. Coconut oil may become rancid once it is exposed to air and will do more harm than good to the human body. In fact, many clinicians who found the good effects of Growrich VCO in capsule, has prescribed it not only as a food supplement but as a medicine.

“Our capsule's potency and concentration is different from the liquid form of other brands," Lalusis added.

Purisima explained:"The capsule is a huge improvement from the bottled one. The dosage is more controlled and its quality is maintained. It minimizes the after taste that comes when taking the liquid VCO."

Growrich VCO in capsule is now exported to countries like Singapore, China and the Middle East.

Approved by BFAD

Growrich was the first to come up with a VCO in capsule form that was approved by and secured registration with the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) for their process encapsulating VCO.

The capsulated VCO still retained its health benefits from among the many attempts of other manufacturers who come out with virgin coconut oil in capsule or tablet form.

Growrich is careful in keeping the quality of their products. The company applied Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

"It is important for Growrich to maintain quality standards in our production, so that we would be able to conform to the local and international product standards," he said.

Lalusis enjoys their packaging technology invention

In an intimate interview recently, the general surgeon Dr. Ed Lalusis, who is also the medical director and CEO of Growrich Manufacturing Inc. with his wife Puy shares the bountiful benefits of VCO in capsules.

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