Saturday, December 31, 2011

Are you sync with Juan’s time?

Few more hours left before the year ends, the Department of Science and Technology recommends public to synchronize all watches to Philippine Standard Time (PST) for the New Year’s Eve countdown!

All media especially TV networks and cities around the country hold similar New Year’s Eve celebration culminating with the traditional midnight countdown.

According to DOST Secretary Mario G. Montejo, it is imperative that organizers of various New Year’s Eve countdown should refer to a standard time which is the PST so that the whole nation can simultaneously celebrate the coming of the new year.

Just this year, DOST through its attached agencies such as the Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII), and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, Astronomical Services Administration (DOST-PAGASA) launched Juan Time, a national advocacy campaigning for the synchronization of all time pieces with the PST in all government and private offices.

DOST-PAGASA, being the designated official time keeper by virtue of the Batas Pambansa Blg. 8 Sec.6., is equipped with the timing device system consisting of a rubidium atomic clock, and a Global Positioning System receiver that precisely adjust PST accordingly.

The campaign was received by many government institutions including the Department of Education which came with a Department Order no. 86 urging all offices and schools under DepEd to synchronize all time pieces to the PST.

Recently, the City Government of San Pablo and the DOST Regional Office in Davao adopted the campaign while private companies have already expressed interest.

“We hope that the whole nation will join and synchronize our watches and other time pieces with the PST so we can all celebrate the New Year’s Eve countdown as one nation.”

Source: Joy M. Lazcano, S&T Media Service, STII


DOST Secretary's 2011 Year-End Message

By Sec. Mario G. Montejo

The year is approaching to a close. As we near the end of 2011, let us look back on the breakthroughs and achievements of the science department in the service of the Nation in the last 12 months.

The Department of Science and Technology blazed new trails in addressing long-standing and emergent problems of national urgency under its High Impact Technology Solutions program, or HITS. Through HITS, we were able to scale up our efforts and initiatives to make an impact on the life of Juan de la Cruz and his family.

Under this program, we launched technologies such as the Automatic Weather Stations, Automatic Rain Gauges, Automated Guideway Transport (AGT) system, water nanofiltration containers, complementary foods, among others.

Of particular mention, though, is our aggressive campaign in 2011 to get as many kits of the Mosquito Ovicidal-Larvicidal Trap to households at direct risk to dengue, the latest public health menace. I have always taken the position that scientific understanding and technological adeptness should always serve human needs not only to enhance the quality of life but also to save lives.

In connection with this, we accorded priority attention to contributing disaster relief and mitigation efforts down to the local levels. This proactive approach in disaster risk reduction and management, which Pres. Aquino cited on numerous occasions, characterized DOST’s most important achievement under the Aquino administration.

We also stood in constant vigil monitoring the potentially devastating fallout of a killer tsunami in Japan that seriously damaged the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Here, the DOST issued daily updates to inform the Filipino public and pre-empt any false alarms and wild rumors meant to sow panic and confusion. We at the science department played a leading role in the country’s measured response against all these public interest events.

The national launch of Juan Time paved the way for Filipinos to understand the value of time. This socio-cultural initiative, where science is central, has made the public appreciate the existence of the Philippine Standard Time (PST) – with the DOST-PAGASA as the country’s official time keeper. An advocacy such as this proved that partnership can be made strengthened especially when national interest becomes the common concern.

In the coming year and beyond, the DOST is committed to fully implement its Five-Point DOST Development Program in line with the Aquino Administration’s national development agenda.

First, we will explore the avenues opened by public-private partnerships in order to use S&T to solve pressing national problems. We will rely heavily on our research and development programs to address dengue, telehealth services, potable water, malnutrition, rice shortage, brown/fortified rice, baby food program, coral reef rehabilitation, disaster mitigation, red tide control and management, and the Fusarium Wilt infestation problem affecting our banana plantations, among others.

Second, we will also develop and diffuse appropriate technologies to create growth in the countryside, such as world class technology-based products, food processing technologies, and super farms.

Third, we will leave no stone unturned to improve industry competitiveness. We already have the Automated Gateway Transit System, while under various stages of development and prototyping are technologies that can raise the productivity of industries spanning BPO, electronics, renewable energy [solar, wind], and mining industry [gold, copper, nickel pilot processing plant].

Fourth, we will use S&T to enhance the delivery of government and social services. Initiatives along this line include the Government Broadband Network, National Telehealth Services, and the National 3D Mapping.

Finally, we will build and enhance capacity in emerging technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, genomics, advanced food production technology, and advanced manufacturing systems like in robotics and automated process control.

Our motto has always been “local technology works.” As such we will always promote local technologies toward the nurturing of a business environment that addresses the special needs of technology-based entrepreneurship. It is our wish to impress upon our publics the impact of DOST’s mandate in accelerating the pace of knowledge-driven development in accordance with its growth potential in the country.

Please join us in our journey to make S&T an integral part in the lives of all Filipinos.

Nasa siyensiya ang pag-asa!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao won over Marquez (Part 3)

Manny Pacquiao and his series of punches to Juan Manuel Marquez
In Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title fight between reigning champion Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez has ended in Round 12.

Again, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won in the bout and considered to be a difficult challenge with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Juan Manuel Marquez, the Mexican underdog in Pacquiao-Marquez III battle said: “I trained hard for this fight. This is the most important fight because I want to fight the best pound-for-pound. I need to win every round clearly and do my job inside the ring. And win convincingly.”

He continued, “This time is going to be different. We’re going to combine intelligence with speed, and we’re going to be very, very intelligent in the ring.”

Marquez discerned he has the ability to injure Pacquiao with his right straights and uppercuts.

Marquez added: “You have to know how to land your punches and when to land your punches, and I think I’ve always been able to do that against Manny Pacquiao. It’s all in my technique as a technical fighter that I’m able to do against him what others are not able to do that. Boxing is about styles.”

Pacquiao is guaranteed $22 million but may end up with $30 million. This could be his biggest earning in a single fight. Money to Pacquiao according to him was next to importance of his fight and a chance to finally silence Marquez. So, this is it! Pacman finally succeeded in this battle.

These were the round by round updates:

Round 1: Both boxers were confident in the ring. Marquez measured Pacquiao using the right jab, while the latter used his straight left. They ended the round with a good exchange but Pacquiao was able to evade most of Marquez' punches.

Round 2: Marquez was able to get inside Pacquiao's defense and tagged him with body shots. Pacquiao managed to land a left hand and is using lateral movement to evade Marquez's punches. Marquez landed more shots than Pacquiao in round 2.

Round 3: Pacquiao was able to hurt Marquez in the closing seconds of round 3 with a series of hooks. A powerful right hook from Pacquiao shook Marquez, but the Mexican was able to survive the barrage.

Round 4: The 4th round was a series of exchanges between the two fighters. Marquez was able to land a left hand, but he opened himself up for a right hand from Pacquiao. The two clashed heads midway through the fourth round but no cuts were opened on either fighter.

Round 5: Marquez's face has begun to swell as Pacquiao tagged him with straights. Pacquiao landed a strong punch, but Marquez was able to hit him with a straight right to the face. Marquez once again staggered Pacquiao with a cycle of punches late into the round and Pacquiao was frustrated.

Round 6: Pacquiao rebound back in the 6th round as he was able to hit Marquez with inside punches near the 1-minute mark of the round. Marquez did not allow Pacquiao to take control, however, as he hits Pacquiao with right hands of his own.

Round 7: Marquez upset Pacquiao with a strong right to the body early in the round. Pacquiao has been unable to hurt Marquez so far in the fight as his punches were not landing clearly. Marquez has been outboxing Pacquiao so far in this fight, but Pacquiao was able to put a stream of punches together late in the round.

Round 8: Pacquiao appeared to land a good punch, but Marquez gave him a good counterpunching. Pacquiao did not found a rhythm in the fight and Marquez was pulling away on the scorecards.

Round 9: Pacquiao bleed due to a split lip. Marquez was in a good cadence as he embraced Pacquiao in the body early in the round. Pacquiao looked to pick up the speed midway through the round as he starts to catch Marquez with a torrent of punches. Both fighters exchanged blows late in the round but Pacquiao seemed to be lagging in this fight.

Round 10: Marquez seemed to be more exhausted than Pacquiao as he clinched early, but he recovered and grabbed Pacquiao with a right hand. Marquez's face was swollen, but he was willing to strike back with Pacquiao in the 10th round. Pacquiao’s lip bleed again, but he managed to catch Marquez with some strong punches late in the round.

Round 11: Pacquiao was able to catch Marquez with powerful hits early in the round. Pacquiao was unable to hurt Marquez, but the latter seemed to be breathless.

Round 12: Pacquiao has a cut above his right eyebrow. Pacquiao looked to win the last round as he swung punches wildly, but he was unable to land clean shots on Marquez. The two judges decided, Pacquiao won over Marquez in this last round!  It was a majority decision in favor of no other than Manny Pacquiao.

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Sources: Live Streaming in UStream, SOPCast,, Radio DZBB, Philippine Star,Photo from TV5's Interaksyon/ Associated Press

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Part 3

Pacquiao vs. Marquez III

Do you want to see the Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III live streaming link?  Then you should bookmark this post as the Pacquiao Marquez III live streaming becomes available.

Pacquiao vs Marquez III is an upcoming welterweight boxing championship which will be held at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA today November 12,2011 eastern time and November 13, 2011 in the Philippines.

In summary, the first Pacman – Marquez battle was in 2004 which resulted to draw even though Pacquiao was able to knock out Marquez three times on the first round. The second fight was in 2008 (Pacquiao vs Marquez) which ended in a split decision. Marquez landed more punches but the decisive factor considered by the judges was probably because he was knocked out by Pacquiao on the third round that resulted to split decision in favor of Manny Pacquiao.

According to Juan Manuel Marquez he defeated Manny Pacquiao twice since the last two fights and that speculation probably will end on the third installment (Pacquiao vs Marquez 3).

Pacquiao vs Marquez III

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III Live streaming link below:


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Manny Pacquiao, the Money “Pakyaw”

Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao
The Filipino boxing champ's complete name is Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, popularly known as Manny Pacquiao is a money magnet and the pride of Filipinos worldwide. This might be true to his name which sounds the same as money “pakyaw.” The latter word in Filipino language means to have it all. What a fortunate name isn’t it?

Manny (almost 33 years old) was born on December 17, 1978 in Kibawe, Bukidnon. He is the son of Rosalio Pacquiao and Dionesia Dapidran-Pacquiao.  He is a professional boxer, politician, actor and singer.

Pacquiao is the current pound for pound number one boxer in the world. He became the first boxer to win in seven different titles in seven different weight classes.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pacquiao has combined an impressive wealth of over $45 million mainly from boxing rewards and also from endorsements, promotions and pay-per-view revenue sharing.

Pacquiao’s Cumulative Career Purse Earnings:

$2 million – against Erik Morales (January 2006)

$1 million – against Oscar Larios (July 2006)
$3 million – against Erik Morales (November 2006)
$2 million – against Jorge Solis (April 2007)
$2 million – against Marco Antonio Barrera (October 2007)
$11 million – against Oscar De la Hoya (December 2008)
$12 million – against Ricky Hatton (May 2009)
$35 million – against Miguel Cotto (November 2009)
$35 million – against Antonio Margarito (November 2010)
$20 million – against Shane Mosely (May 2011)

Will Manny Pacquiao continue to accumulate affluence in this upcoming big fight with Juan Manuel Marquez III? 

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Join the BiotechTOONS contest

Professional and amateur Filipino cartoonists are urged to take part in “BiotechTOONS: A Contest for Cartoonists on Biotechnology” organized by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) and the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture – Biotechnology Information Center (SEARCA BIC) in collaboration with the Philippine International Cartoons, Comics, and Animation (PICCA), Inc.

BiotechTOONS centers on the theme “The Benefits and Potentials of Crop Biotechnology”. Cartoonist-participants are to portray the scientifically documented benefits of modern biotechnology in original, hand-drawn editorial cartoons. The entries may also be based on existing studies about the potential benefits, products and impact of applying modern biotechnology in agriculture. In the Philippines, the promising technologies nearing commercialization for farmers are the fruit and shoot borer resistant Bt eggplant, delayed ripening virus resistant papaya, vitamin-A enriched rice, and Bt cotton.

The contest has two categories: professional and amateur. Professional cartoonists are practicing cartoonists who may be affiliated with media networks and/or any professional organizations. Amateur cartoonists could be students, non-professionals or professionals who consider the art of creating cartoons as a hobby. The contestant will choose the category that he or she will enter.

Entries will be accepted on or before November 7, 2011. The winning and selected artworks will be displayed on November 21-26, 2011 as part of the exhibit of the 7th National Biotechnology Week at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Quezon City.

Plaques and cash prizes of Php 50,000, Php 30,000, and Php 20,000 await the top three winners for the professional level. First, second, and third placers for the amateur level will receive corresponding cash prizes of Php25,000, Php15,000, and Php10,000.

For more details about the mechanics of the contest, check-out BiotechTOONS facebook page, visit SEARCA BIC website , ISAAA website, or send an e-mail to or


Visit also

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bourgy D. Langit, the kid DJ in Pinas FM95.5

An awesome kid named Bourgy Langit amazed me with his wit, talent and spontaneity as a youngster disc jockey.  He is now making waves in the musical industry as the voice of “Bulilit ng Pinas” in one of the recognized FM radio stations in Metro Manila – PINAS FM95.5!
DJ Bourgy and mentor DJ Raymond Stone in the premier night of Dolphin Tale
When I first heard him, I asked whose child is that. He seemed to be studying in International School or in a private school with his diction, pronunciation and talent in his impromptu discussion with his mentor DJ Raymond Stone live on-air.

DJ Bourgy has no regular schedule in the station but appear when he is available on either Saturday or Sunday. Education is still his top priority! According to him, he loves to greet someone on-air to make the listeners happy so that their heart will be good or healthy. How sweet to know that a Grade III child in his elementary years at New Era Public School would love to become a DJ for a simple reason of making people happy! That sounds to me a manifestation of a great heart and mind of a boy like him.

I can sense also his natural appreciation for music, hosting and even in promoting tourism in the Philippines. The way he lively sang together with DJ Raymond Stone; and sang enjoyably in his seat while the guest performer Mike Chan sang out loud live the “21 Guns” was so enjoyable to see and hear!
Deliberately, Bourgy smiled to me and encouraged foreigners and balikbayans to visit Philippines because of the many tourist spots and landmarks like:
  • Underground River in Palawan
  • The Shipwreck and several diving sites in Palawan specially in Coron
  • Banol Beach
  • Coron Island, the Sleeping Giant
  • Hundred Islands in Pangasinan
  • Calauit Island Safari
  • Ocean Park in Manila
  • Luneta where you can see Jose Rizal’s Monument
By the way, Bourgy’s father is an Overseas Filipino working in Singapore and his mother Lenny is a native of Coron, Palawan and so the child’s positive reception to these travel sites can be felt. Bourgy is also a loving little brother of Tara who he always addressed on air as “Tara, the writer.”

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    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Sing and dance with Pinas FM 95.5’s schedule and DJs

    DJs from left to right: Franz, Gem, Nick, Rick Stryker 2.0

    “Mr DJ, can I make a request?
    Puwede ba 'yung love song ko?
    Mr DJ, para sa 'kin ito
    Sana ay okay sa iyo

    Hihintayin ko
    Na patugtugin mo
    Thank you ulit sa iyo

    Kahit luma na ang aming awit
    Nais pa ring marinig
    Kahit man lang sa aking alaala
    Ay makasama ko siya

    Mr DJ...”

    [Source of Lyrics from: ]

    DJ Bourgy & DJ Raymond Stone

    Do you still remember this cool and classic song of Sharon Cuneta, Mr. DJ? This youthful Pinoy song back in late 1970 to 80, an era when you were in high or primary school or whatever you may be can relate to this song of request to disc jockeys. Like other FM stations, Pinas FM 95.5 always engages with avid music lovers asking to play their favorite song every hour of the day via short messaging or thru their Facebook account.

    Rendering old and new songs from foreign and local artists are the regular activities of Pinas FM95.5 from Monday to Thursday with the following programming and DJ/s:

    4:00 – 6:00 AM – Newsic (News and Music of the 80’s) with DJ Gerald Mallari, the Mr. Excitement;

    6:00 – 9:00 AM – Go Pinas with DJ Rick Stryker 2.0, "ang Pambansang Bro," Pinas FM Morning Man and DJ Gem, "ang Precious Pinay";

    DJ Moodie Jam with guest artist Mike Chan
    9:00 – 12:00 noon – DJ Raymond Stone, ang Pambato ng Bayan;

    12:00 – 2:00 PM – DJ Peachy, "ang Simpleng Pinay";

    2:00 – 4:00 PM – DJ Moodie Jam, "ang Pinay BFF" (Best Friend Forever)

    4:00 – 7:00 PM – DJ Nick Jagger,
    "the Sports Pinoy"
    7:00 – 10:00 PM - Folk Rock and Country (FRC) with DJ Coach Gico, "ang Kaibigan ng Bayan"

    9:00 – 12:00 midnight – music and special program

    Friday is a Retro music day from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The Saturday is "Halo-halo" program like Pinoy’s delectable and sweet dessert with all Original Pinoy Music from oldies and modern eon.  While Sunday is “Bidahan at Kulitan,” a phone-in chatting of listeners and DJs and listener may request songs as entertained by DJs on-air.

    DJ Peachy, "ang Simpleng Pinay," the Station Manager and the Boss with the blogger
    Other junior DJs may come in between when needed or on a weekend or tandem with other senior DJs.  Among them are DJ Marky Mark, known as Crush ng Bayan; DJ Franz, the Charming Pinay; Angel Nancy, the Sexy secretary/ Chika Babe and DJ Bourgy, known as Bulilit ng Pinas (the kid DJ of the station). 

    DJ Marky Mark schedule is every 4:00-8:00 PM of Saturday and 6:00-9:00 PM on Sundays.  The above schedule may be subject to change as directed by the management of the station.

    Make your daily habit tuning
    in to Pinas FM95.5.  Listen to your requested songs, check out the latest events and prizes might be given away by their sponsors.

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    Feel your Pinoy Music @ Pinas FM95.5

    “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. 
    I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”   
                                                        - Albert Einstein

    If Einstein thought this way, for me, life without music  is like a journey of no existence.

    In this note, did you ever miss the Philippines radio station with the slogan “Feel Your Music!”?
    Pinas FM 95.5 logo

    The classic and original FM radio station formerly known as DWDM is back in the airwaves with the new brand “PINAS FM 95.5" (pronounced as ninety five five), ang Pambansang FM (The national FM) with adult contemporary, Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and Folk Rock and Country (FRC) music format.

    Excited with Pinas FM 95.5 return, I followed their soft launch this year on May 16 and grand blast-off on August 6.

    The disc jockeys go live with their great voice, varied genre of music as scheduled, plus their jokes and multitude of stories coupled with good values of Filipinos today. The radio frequency is 95.5 MHz, a channel where you can feel your Pinoy songs because they consistently play OPMs especially in their Saturday‘s Halo-halo program.  This station is well supported by Pinoy artists.

    On June this year, the station was awarded with a Plaque of Recognition and Commendation by the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit for constantly promoting OPM and faithful patronage of Executive Order No. 255. This EO was promulgated since July 25, 1987 as a directive of late President Corazon Aquino mandating all radio stations with musical format programs to broadcast a minimum of four original Pilipino musical compositions in every clock hour. This is to ensure the growth of the local music among other significant objectives. The organization of Pinoy musical artists is headed by Ogie Alcasid and continues to encourage all radio stations to follow this mandate.

    Pinas FM 95.5 is the flagship and commercial FM radio station of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. The station’s studio is located at #9 Central Avenue, Barangay New Era, Quezon City, Philippines and its transmitter location at Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

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    Bourgy D. Langit, the kid DJ in Pinas FM95.5


    PinoyVision loves music and supports Pinas FM95.5

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    DonburiMix Express opens at Jackman Plaza, Quezon City

    FOOD franchising business is going strong in the Philippines. Innovation and marketing works well too with the new concept of Triomix Food...