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How to be happy and how to enjoy life ...

Juliet & Bennette classmates in high school reunites
IN these times when all we hear are negative news and economic turbulence, we need something that will balance our life. Not because we wanted to escape life but because we need to feed our mind, body and spirit with positive views, something exciting, interesting and happy moments and vibes!

Having fun together reminiscing jolly old days are truly sweet and good for our souls like what we did with the reunion with classmate from Houston, Texas, USA, Bernadette Yari-Tuazon.  

Staying and swimming exclusively at a special place in Jemaflor Ville, Pansol, Laguna was so   enjoyable!  
Jennette & Edith sing together faithfully
As we journey in this world, we have different trials, challenges, but here’s an inspiring message from Singaporean Adam Khoo

As many of us are feeling the repercussions of one of the worst recessions in recent history, I would like to share with you my philosophy on the Equation of Life. If you studied Math, Chemistry, Economics, Accounts or any one of these mathematical topics before, you would understand that equations have to balance. 

Tere and her son bonding together at Fonatana

"For every good, there must be bad.  For every positive, there must first be negative. For light to exist there must first be darkness. For every market boom, there must first be a crash. For you to experience happiness, you must first experience sadness. For you to experience pride and inspiration, you must first have experienced disappointment and adversity. The greater the initial failure and disappointment, the sweeter will be the pride of success.” 

Henrylito Tacio shared his article about “IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.” With the insights imparted below, we could find light and hope in our lives… 
Happy to see a talking bird @ Jemaflor Ville, Pansol, Laguna  
As an entrepreneur, best-selling author and peak performance trainer, Singaporean Adam Khoo has traveled to various parts of Asia. On a plane to Kuala Lumpur, someone came to him and with a shocked look inquired, “How come a millionaire like you is traveling economy?” 

Without much ado, he replied, “That’s why I am a millionaire.” 

His answer baffled the man – along with others who have read his Secrets of Self-Made Millionaire. Oftentimes, they wondered, “What’s the point in making so much money if you don’t enjoy it?” 

In his blog, Khoo posted this timely thought: “The thing is that I don’t really find happiness in buying branded clothes, jewelries or sitting first class. Even if buying something makes me happy it is only for a while, it does not last. Material happiness never last, it just give you a quick fix.” 

Joyful to travel with family in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
When it comes to materials things, happiness is elusive. In fact, a study done in the United States showed that happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. The result, which appeared in Psychological Science, found that people can grow accustomed to their possessions and thereby derive less happiness from them. 

Get-together with classmates is enjoyable!
The researchers claim that people can continue to want the things they have and that those who do so can achieve greater happiness. “Simply having a bunch of things is not the key to happiness,” said Texas Tech University psychologist Jeff Larsen, who headed the study. “Our data show that you also need to appreciate those things you have. It’s also important to keep your desire for things you don’t own in check.” 

Filipinos are among the happiest Asians in the 95 countries listed in the World Happiness Index. The Philippines was listed No. 12 while Japan was No. 19. Bangladesh ranked No. 21 with China and India in the spots of No. 29 and No. 36, respectively. 

In the first ever “world map of happiness” produced by Adrian White, an analytic social psychologist at the University of Leicester’s School of Psychology, three Asian countries made it to the first top 20: Bhutan, No. 8; Brunei, No. 9; and Malaysia, No. 17. 

Souvenir shot in a reunion with high school classmates
Who doesn’t know Abraham Lincoln, one of the most beloved American presidents? At one time, he said, “Most people are about as happy as they choose to be.” I couldn’t agree with him more. He should know. He went through much anguish in his life – the death of his fiancĂ©e, lost elections, the Civil War, and other major disappointments. But he chose to be happy and obtained inner joy and peace in those last years before he was assassinated. 

In a recent survey I conducted, family, health, and religion are the top three most important things that make Asians happy. This is particularly true in the Philippines, according to a study conducted by the National Statistical Coordination Board. The study showed that Filipinos ranked family as the most important source of happiness, giving it a score of 9.45 on a scale of 1 to 10. Health came next, with a score of 8.95, while religion ranked third with 8.59. 

Never-ending laughing moments with friends
Clarence C. Martinez works in a ship building company about 60 kilometers away from his home in Cebu City. “I go home only on weekends or on Wednesday evening,” says the Filipino executive. “So after a long work at the office, I drive almost two hours and honk the horn of my car to announce my arrival and also as a signal to open the driveway. You can just imagine my happiness when I see my son coming out and hugging me.” 

Some Asians find inner joy from their works. “Examining newborn babies” is a dose of happiness for Professor Zulkifli Ismail. “Babies are so lovable and I am grateful that my job actually lets me look at and cuddle them everyday,” says the pediatrician at the Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. 

Unique pose with friends make us laugh!
His work also tops the list of Dr Gerard Chuah, a senior consultant eye surgeon at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. “Being able to save someone’s eyesight and allow them to lead a normal life – that gives me a sense of fulfillment and lets me feel my existence on this planet.” 

People become happier with age, according to findings from a three-decade-long survey conducted in the United States. “With age comes happiness,” wrote University of Chicago sociologist Yang Yang, who wrote report published in the American Sociological Review. 

Relax at Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay 
When asked what makes her happy the most, Dr Emmanuela L. Gutierrez said that being 70 years old, healthy and with her senses still intact. “I can still read and comprehend, see the beauty of nature, hear well, smell the aroma of foods and flowers and plants, and can talk and feel,” explained the Filipino physician who now lives in the United States. 

Really, happiness is a matter of choice. An ancient proverb suggests: “Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live each day as if there were no tomorrow.” 

And remember, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence,” reminds philosopher Aristotle. 

Who doesn’t want to be happy anyway? In these days of financial woes, crass materialism, information highway, and high technologies, it seems too hard to find happiness anymore.  But there are simple things that can make you happy. Consider these 10 strategies shared to me by  medical doctor, Dr. Willie T. Ong: 

Fun & exciting experience at Ecopark, Quezon City
1. Decide to be happy. Make a plan. Think of ways and things that bring you happiness. Set happy goals not just for yourself but include others, too. Then, think of what to do next. Life is what we make it.
2. Use your talents. Identify your strengths. Can you sing, dance, draw, paint, write, or speak? Find and cultivate these strengths. Focus on them and they will bring you confidence and satisfaction. Do what you were meant to do in this world. 

Snorkeling at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

3. Do something enjoyable. If you’re married, play with your kids. Have fun with friends like watching movies together or singing in karaoke bars. Take time to relax and play. There’s nothing wrong with having fun and liking your work. Go through your normal day in an easy and light manner.

4. Be curious. Try to see happiness around you. Watch the sunrise, feel the cool breeze, listen to the birds chirping, smell the newly-bloomed flowers, touch the raindrops, and see people smiling. Nature is full of happiness.

Family bonding inside the boat, it's more fun in Laiya!

5. Count your blessings. Be grateful and happy with what you have. Accept the blessings that you have and think positively on the things you do not have. One sage man told me once: “Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again.

6. Like yourself. Everybody commits a mistake at some point in their lives. It’s part of our learning process, whether it’s because of our youth or ignorance. Try to make amends on the mistakes you made and then let it go. It’s the things we didn’t do that we later regret and not the things and mistakes that we did.

Plants are therapeutic and inspiring

7. Pamper yourself. After a long work day, treat yourself to a warm refreshing bath. Enjoy your favorite magazine. Tinker around your hobbies. And when you feel like a kid, bring out the child in you.
8. Enjoy close relationships. A unique study shows that talking to a supportive friend is as effective as taking a tablet of pain reliever. There is something heavenly in true and caring friends. Invest your time in building close relationships. They are as good as money in the bank.
9. Find positive people. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Find good mentors. They can be the keys to your success. Some believe the other person’s good influence and good karma will also bring you luck. Happy people also tend to be more supportive of others, too.
10. Volunteer to help someone in need. If you want to receive US$40 worth of happiness, donate US$40 to your favorite charity. Studies show that the more people who gives, the happier they become. 

So, what makes you happy?

Relaxing and reminiscing happy moments with friends  
Singaporean millionaire Khoo again shared this thought: “Happiness must come from doing your life’s work (be in teaching, building homes, designing, trading, winning tournaments etc.) and the money that comes is only a by- product. If you hate what you are doing and rely on the money you earn to make you happy by buying stuff, then I think you are living a meaningless life.” 

In a nut shell, it’s a better option to be happy and to let go of the negative people and happenings.  Life is short and time is fleeting they say, so enjoy our lives to the fullest! :) 

Enjoy Koi fishes in a canvass
I would like to post and open a conversation among readers of this blog around the world with this question:  What will make you happy? 

Here are my top 15 happy builders
1) Thank God for all the blessings given to me and my family, a close encounter with Him is my happiest moment.

2) Build a happy family relationship and giving them the best of everything we have (in-progress...:) 

3) Renew friendships such as getting together with old friends and classmates chatting, dancing, singing and laughing out loud!

Adoring live fishes is relaxing.

4) Travel to inspiring and exciting places

5) Explore interesting and exciting things, works, adventures and hobbies that I haven’t done (specially those that will impact life/ humanity and community) as in stretching myself to the fullest potential like boating, snorkeling, and a lot more ...

6) Watch movies specially the hilarious ones 
7) Help people achieve their dreams.
8) Plant seeds/plants and seeing them bloom or grow. We grow different plants and flowers in our garden.
9) Relaxing, bathing, scrubbing and having Jacuzzi in warm water with relaxing scents of lavender, vanilla and now looking forward for the sweet smell of shower gel black amethyst and cherry blossom and perfume Burberry. Body massage such as "hilot pinoy," ventoza, Swedish, Thai and Chinese massage.
10) Appreciate every beautiful people, plants, creatures, and environment/nature.
11) Utilize photography, art-painting and video editing to be inspired (and still learning:) 
12) Joy in cooking and eating either nutritious food, fusion, "lutong Pinoy', international and unique food with friends and family.
13) Reading inspirational, motivational and happy reading materials such as the Art of Possibilities (I have six books to read for two months).
14) Creating, innovating or inventing products or services that will be interesting, inspiring or something that will improve lives (this includes creative and technical writing) 
15) Sleeping will make me happy and all the things mentioned above by Dr. Willie Ong

So, here’s your space to tell and share us what will make you happy… 
Jot it down's FREE! :)  Impart your knowledge to the world and be happy in sharing...

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