Monday, August 13, 2012

Bt Corn: Truth (and consequence) after a decade of implementation

Controversies arising from the use of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt corn) or genetically modified (GM) corn and other related GM products brought a number of discussions in national media and cases raised against Greenpeace.

Dr. Emil Javier, NAST president (extreme left), Juanito Rama (5th from left with his co-farmer, the blogger (third from right), Leonardo A. Gonzales, president Sikap/Strive Inc. (extreme right)
Recently, in a formal gathering with the scientists, representative of farmers who utilized these seeds and media held in Manila Hotel, SIKAP/ STRIVE INC. led by Leonardo A. Gonzales presented the advantages and positive impacts in macro-economic, socioeconomic, environmental point of views of this technology and assert his recommendations to sustain the program after its 10 years of adoption and commercialization. 

Refer below the summary of presentations:

Socio-economic Impacts of Bt/ GM corn
Macro-economic Effect of Bt/ GM corn, 2011
Environmental Outcomes of Bt/ GM corn

Sustainable recommendations for Bt/ GM corn espousal

Testimonial of entrepreneurial farmer in applying Bt/GM corn 

With this agri-technology the farmers are well-equip with the scientific know-how and at the same time thinking of productivity of the land area and more so of their income as a farmer.

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