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‘Unlad Kabuhayan’ Ideas for Micro Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

THE world is full of opportunities and we just have to open our eyes to see how big the prospects are to earn more. But before we explore, ask yourself why do you need extra income?

Like the ocean, ideas and richness flow continuously, never-ending with prosperity…

“The world can offer us so much, but even having them all won’t ensure our contentment. What we value defines our happiness. What we keep spells our purpose, but only God can provide us with a very meaningful and delightful life.” This is a text message from a friend offering to market herbal products which is so true in these times of uncertainties.

Here are some of the reasons why people desires to earn extra either through second job, freelancing and business when there’s spare time and energy:

1. To save for retirement and to have secure life with financial freedom;

2. To pay debt;

3. To reach vision, dreams or goals;

4. To be more productive;

6. To improve lifestyle like to buy the best and travel around the world;

7. To prepare for a career transition or a fall back;

8. Sometimes it is not just to earn extra but to learn more worthy of their time, such as to satiate the thirst for knowledge and be fully charged;

How about you, what are your objectives in getting and gaining more?
Dishwashing & Detergent Making at New Era University
In one of the trainings of “Unlad Kabuhayan (UK),” I met Karen Marquez, a management graduate of New Era University and one of the trainers of UK. She has two jobs, as a sales manager in a health card company (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and in the evening as a bookkeeper in one of the coffee shops near her residence area.

She is still single and indeed an example of a person who wants to be productive in her extra time. She even had the schedule to teach voluntarily in a weekly short term courses to enhance the livelihood of other people held in New Era University in three consecutive Saturdays. This is her way to give back to the community.

Like Karen, if you need extra income, you must set a target, a measurable goal. Know how much that goal is and set time when to reach it. For what purpose or why you have to do it. The “why” will motivate you to achieve your goals. Crystallize your thinking and set your mind to implement your goals.

By the way, “Unlad Kabuhayan” is one of the livelihood enhancement programs and corporate social responsibilities of New Era University and Eagle Broadcasting Corporation.

A woman, a single parent (her husband has diabetes and can no longer work) approached me and said she’s a freelance licensed customs broker. She’s offering her service and she said she can do all those documents for import and export activities in customs as quick or as fast as she can. Networking or marketing yourself through simple introduction can do a lot of things to earn extra. I told her to send her resume to my email and who knows we can help her out in looking and matching her for the right company or person who would need her service.
Auto Repair participants at "May K sa Pag-unlad"
Canlas couple asked me if I travel a lot because their company offers travel opportunities with referral bonuses scheme which is a marketing distribution through word of mouth and online. Their family do it on their extra time only. This is something workable for those with extra money to spend in traveling and at the same time refer clients to earn as well. Let me know if you are interested and we will connect you to them as they can train via internet. 

Earn extra from your hobbies like singing; arranging music; song writing; playing guitar; playing piano; drawing/painting; photography; making crafts like earrings, necklace, belts, anklets, bracelets; making perfumes, dishwashing soaps, detergents, beauty soaps; cooking gourmet bangus (and other commercial viands); making preserves like jam and snacks; computer making; catering; automotive technician work and technology; flower arrangement; ballet dancing, hiphop dancing, learning taekwondo or karate, etc.
Gourmet Bangus Making at New Era Univeristy
By teaching all that you know for others to learn, expand horizon, to be fit (or as stress therapy), to fill the void and earn, or simply learning and applying the crafts, of art, music and technology with passion and happiness all these may come to fruition in the future. It may not be as quick as we wanted to be, but as we master our trade and expertise, and as we connect to the right market, with right sales and marketing strategies…all these will prosper and soon succeed.

Selling photographs online is also a good idea to earn extra and there are many out of the box concepts that emanates from this hobby. Like what Sonny Santiago had done, who was a former systems administrator of one of the luxury five star hotels in the Philippines, he created small business – Fotoquick Photo Booth. It is really fun to be in this booth as you can use several wigs and paraphernalia to express yourself in different faces and gestures in snap shots. It can be usable in birthday parties, wedding, reunions and gatherings of any sort for a fee.

In family/ class/ homecoming reunions, olympics or simply summer fun games – polo shirts, giveaways and souvenir programs are one way to connect with the group either as a way to raise fund or simply to make use of as an identity of the team or group. This may also be a way to earn extra if you will manage to supply the shirts, souvenirs, magazines and other marketing collaterals. We all have affordable suppliers for these in case you might need it. Contact us.

How about selling or marketing a franchising business, a new product or service and food carts and representing the company as public relation or media consultant is also a good self-supporting venture.
Flower Arrangement class at N.E.U.
Or become the online social media campaigner for a newly established business process outsourcing company looking for analysts or call center agents which needs publicity. This can also become an avenue for extra means to reach your dreams.

Oh, I just bumped a friend, Ana, a toastmaster and can do hosting, with band talents, knows event planning and organizing too. She is into freelance marketing promoting InfoTxt technology, a short messaging tool for publicity or advertising. Do you need these products and services?

Huge potential to make extra and the more I talk about it, the more I am inspired to tell you that life is full of miracles and full of blessings as long as we acknowledge, believe and claim it… there must be something that will bloom and zoom along the way!
Extra Income for your Extra Time, Be Productive!

Hey, dare to share your extra ideas? Be the first one to discuss! It could be offline and online ways to earn money (be it extra or full time) …
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