Blog to Earn: An ‘Unlad Kabuhayan’ application

Mobile apps, a business application explosively growing in the internet world
Electrically inspired with my teammates in “Unlad Kabuhayan,” professional peers and my growing super active team in the cyber world, BLOG to EARN is born as one of the ways to learn and unleash the art and science of innovative skills to earn and become more self-sufficient towards progressive individual, family, community and economy...and  successful homegrown netrepreneur!

After attending the iBlog8 recently, I commit myself to further my education in the new media as it gives me more flexibility to pursue my dreams. Thanks to Janet Toral for bringing me into the loop and Engr. Alwin Caldito for extending the invitation to us.

In an infographics illustrated in, it says: “…freelancing is emerging as an extremely popular career choice.”

Statistics show that there is a momentum of freelancers market. The home-based moms doing internet marketing, web geeks offering “out-of-the-office” work or virtual office using the growing number of apps and cloud-based computing as a way to be more productive plus the attractiveness of mobile devices as a platform to inform and promote are just some few examples.

The benefits of being a freelancer are: flexible hours, more control of our time and the creative independence among other beautiful things. In our blog “Travel the World of Freelancing,” it explores the beauty and the enigma of the freelancer. Try to visit the site and feel free to tell your views, post an inquiry and express your experiences (fortunate and not-so good ones) of being a freelancer or a newbie in this kind of term.

In a research, these are appealing information (from different sources):
  • Women (60%) dominates the freelance world vs. men (40%) but the other site tells it is men over women
  • Freelancing is popular across all generations, 42% Gen-X, 31% Boomers, 26% Millenials
  • Tech work dominates the world of freelancing Php programmers (1), WordPress programmers (2), Article Writing (3), Graphic Design (4), HTML Programmers, and so on.
  • 43.8% of all freelancers get the bulk of their training by teaching themselves.
  • 50% of freelancers saw their income increase in the past year.
  • South American freelancers work the most with an average of 49 hours/week.
  • The average age of a freelancer is 32 years old.
  • The easiest way to get a freelancing job is by referrals at 34.2%
  • The top reason for freelancing is the flexibility, followed by having creative control over projects.
  • 40% of freelancers report having trouble getting paid wages they’re owed (Socialcast); 8 in 10 freelancers has had an employer refused to pay ( through
  • Google Docs, Dropbox, and Skype are the most commonly used tools.
  • Only 8.1% want to return to full-time employment.

I think it is about time to take a market survey in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines as I browse over the internet all the findings were based in the US, Europe and Australia.

Like in any other undertakings, there is no such thing as bed of roses. The same is true in freelancing, as it poses pitfalls, too.

In a research, it is surprising to know that 80% of freelancers have dealt with a client who didn’t pay for work that was completed. The total losses around $6,000!

Do you have freelancing engagements in this current economy? Or are you looking into this? Tell us about it and comment below.  

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fyhmd said…
As I read more local blogs, I am learning a lot about our local blogsophere. How seriously bloggers take their blog work so much as to make it their living, in a freelance manner. It will take time before this can ever become mainstream, but hey if it works and the blogger is content, it is the best way to go!
Gigi Beleno said…
Really interesting! I hope the application will gonna work on my simple phone, don't have a high-end one yet for now. I also wanna maximize the potential of earning online.
Juliet Z. Cruz said…
Hi Gigi, just work on your passion, I have read your blog and you are doing great too! I would like to attend in your Laguna Blogging Summit! :)
Juliet Z. Cruz said…
Hi fymd, everyone have their own perception about freelancing. I have seen people who are into this kind online and offline. If it becomes mainstream then your income might be diluted too, that is economics. Therefore this is the right time to see how this freelancing works and besides we can do it part-time to see how it fits us. More articles about this soon...Like also our and share it to FB, twitter and google+. Thank you.