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Yesterday, while paying the groceries bought in PUREGOLD, the cashier asked me if I have eco-friendly bag and she gave options to put the products I bought either in carton box, or pay P2 per plastic or buy reusable PUREGOLD bag worth P39.  I opt to buy the bag worth P39. 
PUREGOLD eco-friendly reusable grocery bag at P39.00
After an "Unlad Kabuhayan" meeting, Bevs Roque and I even bought the Buko shake and again just to check the seller, I asked if there’s plastic to carry the two PEP bottles and the seller said they don’t provide plastic (which by the way, the bottles are made of plasic) because he said, they will be fined P1000 or worst their permit will be cancelled.

Starting September 1, 2012, the ordinances SP-2140 and SP-2130, environment protection promulgates to regulate the use of plastic bags in Quezon City.
QC ordinance SP-2130 mandates store  to display this kind of notice
The SP-2140 or the Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance will control the use of plastic bags, while SP-2130 orders all business entities (like SM, Robinsons and Puregold) mandates all business establishments that uses plastic bags to display conspicuously in their stores a notice that encourages their customers to protect the environment by bringing their own recyclable/reusable bags.

Without these bags, P2.00 environmental fee is charge for every new plastic that you will use specially in the grocery, shopping centers or retail stores.

The establishments are also legally directed to comply with the ordinance and QC Environmental Division instructs establishment that violation of the ordinance shall be fined with the following: 
     1st offense: P1,000.00,  
     2nd offense: P3,000.00
     3rd offense: P5,000.00 or revocation of business permit

This was introduced by Councilor Dorothy Delarmente and the “plastic recovery system fee" will be used as green fund for environmental cause in the city.

In GMA news online, we quote: “Pag nagdala ka ng plastic, kahit gutay-gutay, kahit may butas, libre na," (If you bring plastic even not in good condition, plastic will be free) , current Philippine Plastics Industry Association Inc. (PPIA) president said they hoped to lower the price to 50 cents or one peso.
Pinoy Vision upholds to reduce, re-use, and recycle.
Quintana said the ordinance could serve as prototype for national legislation. "Plastic recovery has been successfully implemented outside the Philippines. We believe it can be done here," he reported.

During the flood calamity like Gener, tons of plastics were seen in Manila Bay, rivers and clogged the passage way of water. An estimated volume of 719 cu.m or 45 10-wheeler truckload of plastic bags in QC waste stream in every single day. These single-plastic bags according to QC, creates significant litter problems that block canals and sewerage systems and cause floods. This is due to the free distribution of these plastic bags that results in a “throw-away attitude” among the users.

These ordinances may help in a way to lessen the clogging of plastic and may also have negative impact in the plastic industry.

Exempted from this ordinance is the use of plastic bags with no handles, holes or strings that are commonly used for wrapping unpacked fresh foods and cooked foods.

The Quezon City government hosted a forum last July 6, 2012 on policies and measures being implemented by the administration of Mayor Herbert Bautista to reduce the use of plastic bags, which are efforts to reduce the volume of plastic waste produced by the city.

The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the two ordinances were formulated by the city's Environmental Protection and Waste Management (EPWMD), Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO), Market Development and Administration Department (MDAD), Barangay Operations Center (BOC) and the Liga ng mga Barangay. The EPWMD also serves as the lead agency for the task force on plastic bag reduction.

QC government applies the ban in using plastic bags and styrofoam in key city offices and hospitals particularly the QC City Hall complex, Novaliches District Center, Quezon City General Hospital and Novaliches District Hospital.

Let us re-use, reduce and recycle and save our environment from all waste. We may use bayong, re-use bags, or utilize recycled bags. Be creative!
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Dorothy said…
Thank you! - Coun. Dorothy Delarmente
Dave Ruffin said…
I hate this plan. There are bio-degradable plastic bags now. The city should scrap this no-plastic crap. I won't be voting for this councilor.
Dave Ruffin said…
I totally hate this plan, specially the no-plastic bag policy of the city. I will definitely not vote for the people who put these plans in place. There are now bio-degradable plastic bags available and in some cities here they are now using them. I was surprised when at one department store they gave me a plastic bag in which they put all my purchases. When I asked them why they are allowed to use plastic bags the checkout counter girl told me that the bags they are using are the special eco-friendly bags that degrade. The city should re-think or modify this law. I no longer shop in QC. I go now to San Juan to shop because they are one of the few cities still using plastic bags.
Juliet Z. Cruz said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juliet Z. Cruz said…
Thanks Dave for your comment and we respect you for whatever your perception and decisions are. There could be better and innovative way to go for more environmental advocacy. Personally, this is very tedious for shoppers to buy eco- friendly bags or bring bags when before the bags are all free. :(