Environmentalists hold Fun Run to help Save the Ozone Layer

By Jojo Ocampo

In celebration of International Ozone Month this September 2008, around 300 environmentalists, runners, DENR officials and employees, partner government agencies and the private sector participated in the "Save the Ozone Layer Fun Run Atbp 2008" at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

With the theme "Global Partnerships for Global Benefits", the event helped generate government and private sector support and raised public awareness on the need to protect the Earth's precious Ozone Layer.

The Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) – through the National CFC Phase-out Plan Project Management Unit (NCPP-PMU) of the EMB Philippine Ozone Desk – organized the activity.

Lending their support includes DENR Secretary Lito Atienza, Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, DENR Undersecretary Demetrio Ignacio, EMB Director Julian Amador, World Bank representatives, Ozone Grant recipient companies, among others.

Participating government agencies and sponsors consist of World Bank, UNDP, DOTC-LTO, DOLE-TESDA, DTI-BPS/ BTNCP/BIS, DOH-BFAD, DOF-BOC, Land Bank of the Philippines, M-Vision Business Solutions, and Lloyd Luna Communications.

Local Government support came from Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, the QC Council, National Youth Commission, Sangguniang Kabataan, and QC Barangays.

Supporting companies comprise SEAOIL, Crystal Clear, CHEMREZ, Thermo Engineering, Stradcom Corporation, MERCK, INC., Manhattan Chemicals, Genetron, Dewfoam, Philippine Star, L'Oreal, Garnier, Uratex Foam, Pioneer Epoxy, Prime Foam, and Tempys.

Mr. Ernesto Jarabe, DENR's Chief, Administrative & Finance Division; Atty. Jonas Leones,OIC, Assistant Director EMB; Jojo M. Ocampo, Executive Editor, M-Vision Business Solutions, Co-Chair DENR Fun Run Atbp 2008 (left-right)

Mr. Ernesto Jarabe, DENR's Chief, Administrative & Finance Division happy with the fun run wearing SEAOIL t-shirt and drinking Crystal Clear Water

Juliet Z. Cruz, GM M-Vision Business Solutions; QC Councilor Doray Delarmente; Julie of the Office of the QC Councilor Delarmente (left-right) after the race

Mr. Albert Magalang, CDM Project Evaluator, EMB; Juliet Z. Cruz; Jojo M. Ocampo; the biker

Cheers for DENR Fun Run, thanks to SEAOIL, Crystal Clear and CHEMREZ!

DENR runner leads the pack

The Top 1 Finisher of Fun Run was Raymond Virginio of the DENR-EMB, reaching the finish line at 29 minutes and 11 seconds. The other winners were:

Marjohn Salanawon (Second placer at 30 minutes and 6 seconds); and

Julio Lovedo Rial (Top 3 Finisher at 30 minutes and 36 seconds). The other awardees were:

Elmo Esquilargo (Oldest Finisher),

Marjohn Salanawon (Youngest Finisher); Herminigildo Guatno (Best Effort Award);

Maya Villaluz (Fun Run Star Award for Female); and Salvador Aluner (Fun Run Star Award for Male).

Ozone, the protective layer

The Ozone layer acts like a protective layer in the earth's stratosphere against the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ozone-depleting substances such as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or Freon contribute to the continuing depletion of the layer.

Beng Pausing, Project Manager DENR-NCPP; Oozzy; Atty. Jonas Leones, Asst. Director, EMB; Juliet Z. Cruz, General Manager M-Vision Business Solutions

The CFCs are compounds containing chlorine, fluorine and carbon only. They were formerly used widely in industry, for example as refrigerants, propellants, and cleaning solvents. Their use has been regularly prohibited by the Montreal Protocol, because of effects on the ozone layer. They are also powerful greenhouse gases with a carbon dioxide equivalence (over a time period of one hundred years) of 5000 to 8100 kg CFC's / 1 kg CO2. CFCs have half-lives between 50-100 years, so their presence in the atmosphere and reactivity with ozone is long lived. One CFC molecule typically degrades around 10,000 ozone molecules before its removal, but this number can sometimes be in the millions. [Source: Wikepedia]

The Philippines -- being a signatory in the international parties' agreement Montreal Protocol -- seeks the phase-out of CFCs/ freon in the country by the year 2010.

The Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority Supports in Saving the Ozone Layer

The Technical Assistant for the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) Director Dario Sabularse said: "Taon-taon, kaisa ang Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority at ang mga kaagapay nating institusyon ng buong mundo para lalo pang palakasin ang kampanya sa tuluyang di paggamit ng mga kemikal na nakasisira sa ozone layer.”

Technical Assistant for the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) Director Dario Sabularse

"Ang ozone layer ang tumutulong sa pagprotekta laban sa delikadong ultraviolet rays. Ang sobrang pagkakababad sa UV rays ay nagdudulot ng cancer, problema sa mata tulad ng katarata at nakakasira ng pananim.”

Jojo M. Ocampo, Executive Editor, M-Vision Business Solutions & Maya Villaluz, World Bank Representative

"Dahil sa sama-samang pagsugpo ng buong mundo laban sa mga kemikal na nakakasira sa ozone layer, unit-unti nang bumubuti ang kalagayan nito. At sa patuloy na paggamit at pagtigil sa produksiyon ng mga kemikal na ito, makakaasa ang mga susunod na henerasyon ng malusog na kapaligiran."

Environmental advocates adopt pro-Ozone lifestyles

Ms. Maya Villaluz of the World Bank said "my personal advocacy is that I no longer use air con in my house and in my car."

Rachel Ann Ablaza, BFAD Technical Assistant reports the decrease of MDI usage in the Philippines

On the other hand, Rachel Ann Ablaza, BFAD technical assistant said "there was a decrease in usage of metered dose inhaler from 28 metric tons in 2001 to two metric tons in 2007. The rest of suppliers/ importers are utilizing non-CFCs alternatives."

DENR-EMB Assistant Secretary Atty. Jonas Leones said that the united efforts of the DENR and the cooperating companies in the anti-ODS campaign will help save the Earth's Ozone Layer. With the continuing success against the harmful chemicals, the future generations will be ensured of a healthy environment.

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