First Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor Manila Rocks

THE First Entrepreneur “X” Factor Manila stunned us participants with their extra electro-magnetic vibrations in its recent seminar at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business which left us an amazing electrifying feeling.
Play a bigger game in 2013, spell success with Entrepreneur X Factor Manila
Chairman & Founder Mike Handcock, serial entrepreneur during the Entrepreneur X Factor Manila
It was truly a memorable day to remember where we learned tons of knowledge and experience from international business coaches and sages lead by Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers, together with other inspiring guest speakers like Glen Levy, Tony Piggott, Jonha Revesencio, Peter Paul Cauton and Tzar Umang.  Awesome Rock Stars!

Eight years ago, the speaking-training tandem Rogers and Handcock met at a workshop in Auckland, New Zealand. Dave was hired as coach by Mike then. The latter was an orphan since childhood and all by himself. He started to work at age 15 and 10 years in rock band in Melbourne, Australia. Handcock is branded as the global gypsy for he loves to travel a lot (like this Entrepreneur “X” Factor, a journey with a mission). Rogers had corporate banking and finance background in Japan focusing on risk management plus knowledge in Kaizen, Just-in-Time and Japanese management systems.

This event brought us in a quantum shift of self awareness and excitement to move us to traverse more in the business world and love life in general.
Coach Dave Rogers in Entrepreneur X Factor Manila.  "Words are your SWORD."
Pitching an idea in one minute time limit was really a challenging task. Like swimming, pitching a business or an idea is a cool and invigorating skill. We need to plunge to the waters to conquer our fear! I laughed out loud to release the butterflies inside me.  The lesson learned was to express and present with clarity and flow. I understood more the real sense of the statement: “Being less is more.”

Peter Paul V. Cauton, a serial entrepreneur won the Entrepreneur “X” Factor Manila competition by one vote with other competing participants versus Gigi Anne Lapira and Kara Mallonga.
Peter Paul V Cauton (middle) won the Entrepreneur X Factor Manila 2013 competition
Here is the list of lessons learned:
    1. “You are not here by accident.” 
    This event was truly meant to be for us. It was a worthy quantum leap encounter, a science and business convergence.  

    2. Words are your SWORD. 
    Today's modern swords are words. Crafting relevant questions to ourselves shape our reality. With modern science and technology, unlimited inventions and innovations are all possible.

    3. Entrepreneur means risk taker. 

    It also means manager of risk; conductor or orchestrator of resources.

    4. Spiritual entrepreneurship is a business with a higher purpose. 

    Create our life’s mission, our legacy. Great business has great purpose. 

    5.  Everything is energy.

    Life is just a vibration; we connect with other people because we are electromagnetic vibration. 

    Be aware of energy and allow it to flow using the Quantum Growth and “X” Factor Formula which includes: unique ability, questions/curiosity, presence and clarity.

    Business needs to be fun, must demonstrate authority, strong "why," create connection, energy and clarity. The energy we create attracts people and so we have to create liveliness.
    Glen Levy, Martial Arts master, discussing about pain is not real, only an illusion.
    6. Change your thinking, change your result. 

    Glen Levy explained about pain being unreal.  We learned through his demonstration the part of the body to hit, where we can feel the most pain all throughout our body and mind which we can use for self-defense. This is very useful for women's protection.

    Change your perception, change your entire experience. Be positive.

    Money beliefs from parents are part of our DNA. Knowing our money values and culture is the first step to know ourselves.

    7. There is a flow to business - a scale to success. 

    The Scale of Success starts from idea, brand, team, partners and equity.

    8. Create a wealth network not a poverty network. 

    Make YOU at the center of the universe, list and know who your mentors/advisers, financiers, team, advocates and opportunists around you and reconnect with them.  Our money beliefs, background and culture shaped our perception of what it does to us. Teachings of parents are part of our DNA. Knowing our money values and culture is the first step to know what is money/ wealth to us.

    Wealth gives us the freedom in making the world a better place. “Money as enabler” shouted by the Entrepreneur’s magazine Associate Editor Johanna Paola Poblete when asked about money principle.

    Engage a fruitful relationship with money as mindset.  Wealth is what left when you lose money.

    9.  Clarity rocks.

    Clarity articulates passion.

    10. RADIO
    In presentation or in pitching idea or business, we must have rapport with our audience, must have authority, direction, inspiration and ownership. 

    11.Road test everything including your idea and brand in social media.

    12. Why do I Exist?

    Leave a legacy. Bucket list of WHY do YOU exist. What is your mission?

    13. Current HOT businesses are gamification, edutainment, social media, green technologies, organic foods and vegetables, IT that makes life more simple and stress free and crowdfunding.

    14. Passion and Competence are directly proportional.

    15. Entrepreneur X Factor

    To have this X Factor, we must have purpose, emotion/passion, outstanding action, impact, vulnerability or willing to take risk or chance.

    Artist Tony Piggott and Eleanor Giron
    16. Create from nothing to something.
    Amazing Tony Piggott and his creative film and artworks are worth millions of dollars when he presented it to us. 

    Bravo to his works of art and applause to his talent and his artist Eleanor Giron who painted him on-the-spot while he was pitching. 

    17. Opportunities are everywhere.
    Be more aware of your environment.  You have to breathe and be at the MOMENT. We can't be living in the past or in the future. 

    18. When you are passionate, stuff just happens.

    19. Know yourself.  Believe in yourself.

    20. Knowledge without application is useless.

    21. You control your environment.

    22. Work in a “playground”

    Work with a big smile.

    23. Fear and time are my friends.

    24. How to use social media to promote your business 

    25. The latest about BIG data analysis and intelligence for business

    26.  On serial entrepreneurship and wisdom of having focus.

    Dr. Tony del Carmen, director of  Ateneo Graduate School of Business
    Testimonials and Messages 

    Thanks to the management of Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGB) especially to Director Dr. Tony del Carmen and to the technology entrepreneur David Cruz.

    Currently, they have Masters of Corporate Entrepreneurship for large corporations and for micro, small to medium enterprises owners, they have program such as Master of Entrepreneurship (ME). “We are trying to do things here differently,” Dr. del Carmen said during the event. 

    After this extra special intimate gathering, talks and alliances were created among the participants and speakers/organizers.  Participants had clearer vision, wealthy mindset and more equipped to succeed in whatever endeavor they wanted achieve. 

    And for me, entrepreneurship this time becomes truly appetizing thing to explore… 
    What an awesome electrifying experience to explore what's in Entrepreneur X Factor!
    Appreciation to all the speakers (and participants too)!  You guys rock!

    Photos by:
    Michelle Mae Mata and David Cruz
    More photos here.

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