World Environment Day 2013: Think, Eat, Save

Today, we commemorate the World Environment Day with the theme: “Think.Eat.Save.”
World Environment Day 2013: Think. Eat. Save
As a mother, this would mean a lot to save food and not waste anything that we eat as a family. Planning the menu for the week or for the month as this June starts the schooling of our children.  This would mean a lot to parents like me.

This is an anti-food loss campaign should be cascaded down to the communities, schools and families around the world.

While population is growing, in a study made by UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it says that one in every seven people in the world go to bed hungry and unfortunately more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die daily from famine.

Let us therefore be empowered to help our environment by knowing the environmental blow of the food amount and choices we prepare or cook.

There are ways to do food preservation in each country or local community. Make use of the practical methods available.

Remember that all end up in futile when we waste our food. So, in any gathering, we can save food by just getting what we can eat especially when we are in “all you can eat” restaurant.  Others may prefer organic food as it may not use chemicals but more of biodegradable materials.

How about you what do you think can you give to our environment to save food?  You may rrite your ideas below. 


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