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Rock Your Life: Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor (Season 2) Philippines

PLAY A BIGGER GAME in 2013 by participating and or competing globally in the ENTREPRENEUR X FACTOR (Season 2). This is a one-day fun and experiential learning event on June 5, 2013 (Wednesday) from 8:45 AM to 5:45 PM to be held at Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Rockwell Center, Makati City.
Chairman and Founder Mike Handcock in one of the Entrepreneur X Factor events

Happy participants with  hosts Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers with Maya Shahani (middle)
Explore the Entrepreneurship World

The Entrepreneur X Factor is a global competition that connects and explores opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate and expand business across borders.

The Global Dialogue Foundation and the Sage Foundation are the major sponsors of the affair, committed to women empowerment, cross culture communication and grass roots programs.

This terrific happening will connect local entrepreneurs, angel investor/venture capitalists, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the international speakers and global business networks.

The Entrepreneur “X” Factor Quantum Business School last year was in 14 cities from Perth to Prague. They had over 20 guest presenters and judges including three billionaires, award winning business people, celebrities and superb business leaders and speakers. The result was some amazing finalists and eventual winner Kate McPherson of Belicious Singapore.

For the past seven years, the mission is to provide amazing speakers, insights and fast track health, wealth, wisdom and business success in every event it makes in each city.

In 2013 this will be much bigger, more content, more fun, more prizes and again the search is on for the grass roots entrepreneur with the most “X” factor in over 20 cities around the world.

Experience the Passion and Energy

Global entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Robert Kiyosaki are truly captivating and encouraging. Like the presenters of this worldwide transformational coaching and events company - ROCK YOUR LIFE believes they have what it makes an incredible entrepreneur at the grass roots level.

Feel the heat and excitement with the upbeat presenters live in Manila:

Chairman and Founder Mike Handcock, an award winning writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur owning businesses as diverse as publishing, media, events, travel and construction and is on the board of three charities. He has this global gypsy lifestyle and an extraordinary life that he purposefully created. Mike travels a lot, learns from the best, studies ancient wisdom and collaborates with top people. Along in his journey, he has coached millionaires, multi millionaires and even the occasional billionaire.

He said: “You can be great at what you do and work 12 hours a day, but in the end the people who fast track success are the ones with ‘X’ Factor and it’s pretty clear to us from our event series globally in 2012, and years of working in over 20 countries, what that is.” 
Glen Levy and Dave Rogers in one of the recent ENTREPRENEUR X FACTOR events

Dave Rogers, Asia’s leading entrepreneur and a host of over 30 guest millionaires was born in Toronto and known as specialist deal maker. With MBA background, Rogers is also a bestselling author, a coach and a former banker who successfully managed a 1.3 billion dollar portfolio in Asia through the Asian crisis. He studied with Anthony Robbins and in 2001 founded what became the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world. In 2007, he was commended by winning the “Spirit of Excellence” award in Singapore. Most of all, he is described as the “man with the biggest heart ever.”

Handcock and Rogers enjoy travel, love meeting new people and collaborating with people around the world for cool causes like women empowerment and protection, tree planting, self health care and global dialogue.

Rogers shared: "In the rapidly changing world of global business, the spirited entrepreneur moves right or left, not right or wrong, and the system of awareness, being present, and building empowering communities is the way forward guided by the calibration tools of the head and heart and aided by the seven senses."

Glen Levy is one of the guest presenters and known as the Hollywood Stunt man, Martial Arts master, speaker, author, actor and neuro hacker. He is listed as "leading stuntman and ninjitsu expert" featured on National Geographic Channel's highest rating shows ever called “Fight Science”, where he was labeled “The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet”. Glen will share about pain as illusion.

Inspiring speakers and angel investors are joining in this event.

Benefits in Participating in Entrepreneur “X” Factor

  • You will have a chance to showcase what you do to your city and the world
  • You will learn FAST TRACKING business and life success techniques
  • You will obtain APPLIED learning that you can implement immediately to get more of what you want
  • You will network with like minds and global connections with knowledge in the market and the world
  • Your best investment is in YOU to get this high value proposition

Content Highlights and Experiential Learning

  • Exactly what the “X” Factor is
  • What's hot and what’s not in 2013
  • Making business and success fun
  • Quantum Physics and success
  • 3 Harvard Business School Strategies
  • How to attract partners and champions
  • Branding and uniqueness
  • Managing time and resources
  • Social Media and what’s coming next
  • How to sell to a room of people
  • How to recognize critical moments
  • Why most start ups fail
  • How to pitch your idea and your business to create massive attraction
  • How your values and beliefs both serve you and hold you back and what to do about them
  • Best use of your time and what to focus on that really counts
  • How to launch a business without spending a cent
  • Access the world and not just your city
  • Meet the financier, business partner, promoter or coach you have always dreamed of
  • Highly effective action steps to fast track your results immediately

Plus YOU will have the opportunity to compete in the Global Entrepreneur X-Factor in Manila or in your city!

Expected Participants of Entrepreneur “X” Factor  

       YOU are invited! 
  • ANYONE who are interested in gaining new insights and those who are considering being in business
  • Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Veteran Business People
  • Managers, Senior Managers and Executives of companies/ organizations
  • Leaders, Administrators, Professionals
  • Finance Advisors
  • Real Estate Developers, Contractors, Brokers
  • Architects and Engineers
  • IT, Mobile/ Electronic and Communication Chiefs and Engineers
  • Career minded individual or someone who wishes to commit socially to the planet
  • Psychologists and Human Resource personnel
  • Teachers, Professors, Educators, Trainers, Event Organizers and Consultants
  • Franchisers and franchisees
  • Overseas Filipinos who would like to widen their horizon and would like to enter in business
  • Anyone in the business related activities like finance, management, accounting, operations, marketing and sales
  • Science and Technology professionals/practitioners
  • Doctors, nurses, therapists
  • Athletes, martial arts practitioners
  • People who would like to excel and be connected with top caliber entrepreneurs
  • Careers Changers
  • Financing Loan experts and managers
  • Talents and Talent managers
  • Analysts 
  • Environmentalists 
  • Specialists 
  • BPO managers/consultants
  • Travel Planners, Tour operators, Travelers
Level up, Register and Buy Your Tickets Now

When was the last time you truly invested that time in your most important asset – YOU?
The ticket prices are as follows:

Student: US$31.50
Early Bird Contestant: US$97.00
At the Door: US$179.00
VIP: US$187.00

The Manila booking page can be located via this link:

It’s cost effective and you can even get a discount of 25% if you type in the promotional code XFA126 when you book here

Or if you are in other parts of the world, check the events schedule at this site  

See your city to register! Or would you like to travel and meet new people, you may also attend the other cities’ Entrepreneur “X” Factor event/s.

Please print out your ticket or bring it on your IPAD or Tablet, lunch for NON VIPs is not included.

So if you wish to build your business fast, learn from global experts and compete even to see how you can improve, book early or you may be disappointed.

More cities and schedule for those who are not in the Philippines!  

So, what are you waiting for, ACT FAST and REGISTER NOW!

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ej leen said...

This is surely a very exciting event! This event should not be missed by Filipino entrepreneurs!

bloggieblog said...

What an Xcellent event to promote business in the Philippines.

bloggieblog said...

What an Xcellent and Xciting event to promote business in the Philippines! The most FUN place on earth!!

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I bet there are many aspiring entrepreneurs out there who will be glad to attend this event. It comes with a price though.

Kim Nieves said...

Just seeing the ad makes me feel empowered! I'm sure it will be an awesome event!

Franc said...

This would really help aspiring entrepreneurs. The venue is my graduate school at Ateneo.

Juliet Z. Cruz said...

Thanks to all your messages and we hope you will take your time to register and buy your tickets online as this comes with deadline for early bird until May 31. So hurry up and decide fast as this will really make a difference in you! See you at the event! :)

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