Become the ROCK STAR of your industry in 2013

THE TOP PEOPLE in any industry are the Rock Stars. They accumulate wealth, get all the offers, have all the luck and have brilliant careers and businesses. But is there a formula to being a Rock Star?
Amplify your success with Mike Handcock, Dave Rogers and more at Entrepreneurship X Factor

Like in rock music, famous talents are Elton John, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Prince, Sting, Steven Tyler and Freddie Mercury, they all have created the “X” Factor. In talent shows, you can have all the talent, do all the hard work, but you need something else and that is MAGIC when it counts. What is MAGIC?

M is for MINDSET. Most people have too much negative self talk, limiting beliefs and values that don’t serve them.

A is for ALCHEMY. It’s creating something from nothing and all the best people can do it. There is a formula to alchemy as well. It’s when all is lost and then create an amazing win-win environment.

G is for GAME. You have to be game! Step outside the boundaries, outside the box. Shift your comfort zone. No one who did anything amazing was in their comfort zone, but the key is to treat life as a game. Make it fun.

I is for INTUITION. Billionaires use intuition more than anyone else. You don’t learn this at school. It has to be crafted. It’s an art that has to be practiced and rehearsed.

C is for CONNECTIONS. Most of us never learned it at school, but connection is where it is at. It’s not about having 5,000 friends on Facebook, it’s about how you connect with those people, from your heart to theirs.

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Don’t miss out then on Entrepreneur “X” Factor coming in Manila and in other cities around the world. One day, with two profound hosts, multi-millionaire guests, formula to create ROCK STARs in any industry and profound new technology not taught by mediocre entities. This is the pinnacle of learning. High results and high vibration learning in one day!

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Rock Your Life - Entrepreneurship X Factor

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