Succeed in Freelancing and Entreprneurship

Success in Home-Based Entrepreneurship 

  Do you need extra income?

Are you a mother looking for ways to earn at the comfort of your home?  Or a father who would like to use his talents, hobbies and interests to make money at the same time?  Or an educator who would like to share his knowledge and expertise?  Or a mere student who would like to be independent to support his studies?  

Or a team of experts with the goal to gain for value and profit?  Or someone who wanted to set up a home business, a micro entrepreneur and who would like to be his own boss?  Or are you the one who would like to change his career path or would like to have some sort of career break?  Or simply someone who would like to have additional work and bonus income?

In this eon of high technology and social media proliferation, earning through freelancing is one of the ways to increase household or individual income.

Earning by freelancing can be your chance to achieve your vision, your dream and a decent way to gain extra income.  This can even become a source of your full time earnings.

Why not read on and let us tour the global experience of freelancing…

What is freelancing and freelancer?

Before, freelancing work is not so popular and not given any worth at all.  Others perceive freelancer as person with no stable job and who do job hopping and hunting from one place to another.  In short, no value.

Nowadays, in electronic media and eCommerce development, freelancing is already a “word of mouth”.  There is a better connotation today when a freelancer says he belongs to this category.  Freelancing is in stratum to compete with corporate giants earning competitively in a blink of an eye.

Others term it as outsourcing skilled and talented people in the project needed by client or buyer.  The people in this kind of work are labeled as freelancer, freelance, freelance worker, independent contractor and the like.

The freelancer, the person who is doing freelancing activity, is a self-employed status and has no employee-employer relationship.  This is based on mutually agreed arrangement and can be done either verbal or written form stating the requirement of the client including:
  • the type of work to be done
  • the deadline
  • the payment of a certain piece or specified work
  • the ways to pay the freelancer
  • and other specific details of a sale or contract
Other freelancers may even require proposal with quotations and deposits from the clients before pursuing the project.  They may charge by the hour, day, on a per-project basis, or per piece rate. Some freelancers tried a value-based pricing on the perceived worth of the outputs to the client.  

It is a common practice to pay fractional fee on the onset as a downpayment or lump sum amount upon finishing the project.  For longer period and complex projects, a payment schedule based on results is used which is most common in consulting jobs, where a phase by phase billing is more applicable.

Freelancing in a way is selling skills, talents and expertise with the desired result for a certain buyer or client.  Freelancing can also be illustrated as the freelancer providing solutions to client’s problem/s.  To optimize the freelancer’s results, one should focus on his own specializations in order to be effective and efficient.

Freelancers are represented by several companies to negotiate on their behalf who at the same time resell their capabilities to the potential clients.

The influence of internet revolutionized the word freelancing into a much detailed explanation, highfalutin terminologies in corporate world such as telecommuting, online outsourcing, offline outsourcing, crowdsourcing and business process outsourcing.

Where can we apply freelancing?

Freelancing has a wide array of applications, vast field, unlimited opportunities and through the advent of internet and uprising technology anything is possible and accessible.
Several Ways to Apply Freelancing
Freelancing can be useful in the following works:
  1. Blogging
  2. Book Publishing
  3. Journal Publishing
  4. Magazine
  5. Newspaper Publishing
  6. Journalism
  7. Technical Writing
  8. Report Writing
  9. Academic Writing
  10. Tutoring
  11. Article Rewriting
  12. Business writing
  13. Sports Writing
  14. Feature Writing
  15. Poem Writing
  16. Literary Writing
  17. Editing
  18. Proof reading
  19. Copywriting
  20. Ghost Writing
  21. Song Writing
  22. Consulting (ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Integrated Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System)
  23. Public Relations
  24. Photojournalism
  25. Photography
  26. Full Marketing Collaterals Designing (from making of company logo, letterhead, business card, tarpaulins, stickers, flyers, billboards, signages, and several marketing and promotional items like corporate giveaways)
  27. Photoshop
  28. Graphics Designing
  29. Logo Designing
  30. Illustrator
  31. PSD to HTML Making
  32. Magazine or Newspaper’s Lay-out Designing
  33. Website Development
  34. Website Designing
  35. Web Scraping
  36. Indexing or Market Surveying
  37. Content Creation
  38. Content Management System (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger)
  39. Hacked Site Recovery and Protection
  40. Coaching
  41. Communication (Chat, SMS, Email Support)
  42. Language Translation
  43. Designing and Conceptualizing Content for PowerPoint Presentations and similar Open Source Presentations
  44. Medical Transcription
  45. Video Production
  46. Flash Production
  47. Video Editing
  48. Sales and Offline Marketing
  49. Telemarketing
  50. Online or Internet Marketing
  51. Customer Help Desk
  52. Tour Guiding
  53. Event Planning
  54. Event Management
  55. Speech Writing
  56. Social Media Management
  57. Computer Programming and Product Integration
  58. Script Writing
  59. Film Making
  60. Film Reviewing
  61. Music Composition
  62. Accounting
  63. Auditing (Finance and Quality)
  64. Researching (Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology)
  65. Training
  66. Recruitment Advertising
  67. Virtual Assistance
  68. Data Encoding
  69. Data Processing
  70. Data Mining
  71. Interior Designing
  72. Gardening
  73. Landscaping
  74. Home Designing
  75. Building Architectural Designing
  76. Advertising
  77. Open Innovation
  78. Mobile Phone Programming
  79. Cellular Phones Repairing
  80. Game Design and Development
  81. Games Installation
  82. Operating System and Specialized Software Application
  83. Social Media Optimization and Management
  84. Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing
  85. Link Building
  86. Software Architecture
  87. Website Administration and Management
  88. Finance and Loan Consulting
  89. Legal Consulting
  90. Business Consulting or Entrepreneurship Mentoring
  91. Sports Coaching
  92. Business Plan Making
  93. Product Sourcing and Manufacturing and a lot more
  94. E Commerce
  95. Shopping Carts
  96. Entertainment
  97. Logistics and Product Sourcing
  98. Toll Manufacturing and Packaging
  99. Food Service Management, Canteen and Catering
  100. Public Speaking and Hosting
  101. Voice Talent Management, Broadcasting/ Radio Announcing
  102. Health Care Management
  103. Beauty Care
  104. Hair Care
  105. Janitorial Services
  106. Manpower Services (Bartender, Waiter)
  107. Medical Advice Services
  108. Metal and Plastic Fabrication
  109. Painting/ Repainting, Floor Coating
  110. Waterproofing Services
  111. Real Estate Development and a lot more…

Why freelance, what are the benefits?

The client and the freelancer are both in a win-win scenario when they get into freelancing activity.

Essentially, freelancing is a planned action of the organization to focus on their core capabilities and transfer other processes or work to third party such as the freelancer.  This aims to expedite work, to increase quality of the product or service and to save fund.  In short, this will make the company become more productive and effective as an enterprise.  At the same time, the receiver or the freelancer will gain income and experience, too.

Freelancers are paid commensurate to the services rendered to the client and to the negotiation process undertaken.

They can also earn money faster and more frequent than permanent or regular employees in a given period with the same kind of work.  This is also dependent on freelancer’s competence, capability, marketing ability, connections and track record.

Flexibility in time or even time freedom to choose the work schedule made freelancing even more attractive to freelancers.  They work at their own pace.

Freelancers can choose the place to work.  It can be at home or a place conducive to them.  It can even be more exciting and inspiring space or an “on the go” mood as it can be mobile too using the latest technology of Apple iPad or Samsung tablet.

Freelancing offers variety of works or projects.  So, there’s no place for boredom.   Having freelance works at hand, freelancers can earn more!

There could be times that perks may be offered specially for consultants, such as free travel and accommodation!  Freelancing is available not only in your community or local market, but also nationally and internationally.

So, freelancing is a very satisfying experience as it gives the freelancer more agility to profit, has the option to work on his choice or market niche and perform at his own time and space.

How to become a freelancer?

There are several ways to freelance as there are also numerous websites regarding this matter.  Just be mindful that there are genuine and bogus sites and so it is always necessary that we only negotiate to trusted sites.  

A newbie freelancer must choose a freelancing site which is known for integrity, reliability and if possible with huge clients’ base.  

The numbers of projects and the total amount is so huge and we can get the share of the market most specially if you have the knowledge, skills, talent and attitude.

So, what are you waiting for, let us travel the world of freelancing!  This is your time to shine and get more income.

Just try it and who knows you will be surprise how this piece of information can get you going and in turn your time to share this post to all your friends.  You may feel free to comment and tell us also your experience about your journey in the world of freelancing…

Continue learning and keep on coming back to our site as juicier and interesting information is in the offing!
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