‘Fun-bansang Selebrasyon’: A Valued Affair to Remember

Pinas FM 95.5 Fun-bansang Selebrasyon. Photo by HG Mackay (ACTIV-TIM) 
THE recent two-day extravaganza of PINAS FM 95.5 slated “Fun-bansang Selebrasyon” was a successful one! This was held on May 28 and 29 at the New Era University’s Open Field, Quezon City.
Lorenz Bukas, one of the booth owners with his product offering at Fun-Selebrasyon
The PINAS FM 95.5’s grand celebration with trade fair and mini-concert was in cooperation with the NET25, presented by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, DZEC and Net25 myAccess SIM. This was co-presented with the New Era University and FYM Foundation, Inc. with the prime aim to help the cancer patients.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation- Pinas FM 95.5 Fun-bansang Selebrasyon booth
The first day of the bazaar was a bright and warm day with new products and service offerings with freebies. While at around 6 p.m., the energy of the beat of the drums, guitars and the music of excitement can be felt.

What a Blast!
6 Cycle Mind posed with the Pinas FM 95.5's crowd. Photo courtesy of DJ Simpleng Pinay
The two concert nights were absolutely amazing!

The first night was approximately over 5,000 energized attendees for the entire set while the second night was more or less 7,000. More students and young crowd were in the second night and it was the night when 6 Cycle Mind extremely made the crowd stood up and jumped for joy!

Both engagements in the first and second night were electrically energetic and entertaining. The audience felt good and all the artists exerted effort to be as interactive with the audience. It was a family-friendly affair making the audience sing and feel the music of the classics, the recent Pinoy (OPM) and the modern blend with Japanese and Korean pop music. It was a remarkable night for the entire audience.
In Extreme Happiness  
DWDM Pinas FM 95.5's senior jocks in extreme happiness to meet the audience
The seniors and junior jocks were introduced and expressed their gratitude with glee, lead by the station manager Peachy Dimayuga also known as DJ Simpleng Pinay; Raymond Stone, the program director of the station and branded as Pambato ng Pinas; Pinay BFF Moodie Jam; Rick Stryker II; Nick Jagger; Precious Pinay DJ Gem; DJ Franz Charming Pinay; DJ Bourgy (ang Bulilit ng Pinas); and John dela Cruz.
The junior jocks  with Rick Stryker II & Raymond Stone

Like them at DWDM Pinas FM 95.5’s Facebook and watch 
NET25’s TRIBE on June 9, Saturday, 8:30 p.m., a special episode of Pinas FM 95.5’s Fun-bansang Selebrasyon.

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Pinoy Vision loves Pinas FM 95.5 and their Fun-bansang Selebrasyon event. Happy First Year Anniversary!