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Pinoy musicians inspired admirers of DWDM Pinas FM 95.5 @Fun-bansang Selebrasyon

DWDM Pinas FM 95.5 Fun-bansang Selebrasyon 2012

A long list of great singers and bands enthused the youth and those longing to be young dreamed also to see their stars and musical icons in Pinas FM 95.5 Fun-bansang Selebrasyon concert.  Dreams can come true in this kind of concert for a cause!

The mighty packed set of performers were: May 28 - Angelo Ortiz; Anthony Castelo; Nina; Dindong Avanzado with Doorbells Band; Jessa Zaragosa; MYMP; Christian Bautista; Renz Verano; True Faith; Marco Sison and The Bloomfields; May 29 – Anna Melissa; Down To Mars; Emmanuelle; Zia Quizon; Gracenote; IMAGO; Calla Lily; 6 Cycle Mind; Myrus; 1:43; Bugoy Drilon and Jovit Baldovino.

The opening entertainers were Marivic Trinidad; Alikabok; Calle; Sarah Caballero; Jenny Escalanda; Chadleen; Eurika; Ernie Magtuto; Marvel Go Jr. and KREMA.
"Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" by Nina
Alikabok Band rendered their anniversary song for the station and served as one of the gifts of the band to Pinas FM 95.5.

When Chadleen was on stage the audience thought she was Charice and she said she was not. Chadleen was introduced as the Singing Ambassador of Operation Smile and she sang Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” confidently, even without the background music due to some technical problem. She also rapped together with the audience. Hats off to you Chadleen!

Nina, the best-selling female artist had the infectious stage presence and people can relate with her songs especially her “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways.

“Maghihintay Sa Iyo,” an original song of Dingdong Avanzado was so romantically expressed. In an interview made by NET25’s Homepage, he was speechless to describe how blissful he was to perform with the crowd with full of enthusiasm and appreciation of music. Avanzado remained to be young-looking, full of life and energy and we love his new and “high-tech” sounding single entitled “Download.”

Dingdong Avanzado with DJ Gem
Jessa Zaragosa, the phenomenal diva with the husky signature voice that sang “Laguna” in high-heeled stylish shoes yet made an effort to meet and shake hands with the viewers and feel her lively jumpy music. She also sang her popular song “Bakit Pa” and “Di Ba’t Ikaw.”

Christian Bautista, popular singer not only in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia serenaded the audience with his sweet music.  Like him, his pop genre was so wholesome and so handsome.

Renz Verano, prince of rock ballad, tagged as the Bryan Adams of the Philippines sang his crowd’s all-time favorite “Remember Me.”

The finale and one of the highlights of first set was the performance of The Bloomfields and created a stand-out moment when they sang “My Sharona.” The band got magnificent guitarists and vocal artist (plus the talent in strut dancing).   Their voice blended well like The Beatles when they sang “Sigaw ng Dibdib.”

The talents of Michael de Lara KREMA performed with cool and creamy blending on stage. They were perfect blend in this concert even without the real 3-in-1 coffee drink! 

Jessa Zaragosa @Funbansang Selebrasyon
Down To Mars came in with their very attractive outfit and image, red and black, with different modern and creative styles per singer/ dancer. This pop music group is the elite power of seven of good-looking lads. They got too many fans excited to hear and see them move. The group brought us what is “in” in this era, good blend of Filipino, Korean, Chinese and Japanese pop music.

Grace Note’s lady lead vocalist and guitarist also expressed her musical brilliance with the violin. Her extraordinary voice has the power and passion to make the audience jump! Grace Note raised the roof even higher.

Calla Lily’s lead vocalist Kean was so cute with his statement and performance.   The band has the intimate rapport with the youth crowd, especially ladies who were tickled pink.  They sang "Wala Na Tayo." (sigh and sad)

Zia Quizon has a wonderful voice like her mother Zsa Zsa Padilla. Her single entitled “Ako Na Lang Sana” chilled us with her fresh aura, relaxing melody and lyrics.
Vanessa & Chin (MYMP)

Vanessa, the new vocalist in MYMP with the guitarist Chin sang “Especially For You” and “Tell Me Where It Hurts” and were known to be the hit lists of Make Your Mama Proud (MYMP). The blogger first saw Vanessa in TV as a kid being honed in GMA 7; then she studied high school in New Era University; and now with MYMP!  Congratulations girl, you are making impact and we hope for your success!

Anthony Castelo and Marco Sison were the favorites of the not-so-young crowd and their music remained to be applauded at all times. Castelo sang “Dakilang Lahi” while Sison’s “Si Aida O Si Lorna O Si Fe” and his sweet song “My Love Will See You Through.”

“Tara Lets” of Imago was pretty cool!   Everybody was found to be singing, smiling, beating their heads and stamping their feet to feel the music with the band. The slow rock, love song music “Sundo” was so stimulating, blazing with emotions!

The same with True Faith Band’s experience, with their most requested song “Dahil Ikaw” so passionately rendered. Jumping session with them was so enjoyable. Awesome!

Myrus delighted the audience in his songs like 'Pusong Lito'
Myrus, another heart throb of the young ladies, with “kilig to the bones” factor and gals were eager to come up on stage to meet and kiss him. He delighted the crowd when he sang “Pusong Lito” with the “oooh-ooh…” style in his song and it was cute to hear that people were so enthusiastic singing together with him. Myrus wrote the song for 1:43’s top single “Isang Sulyap Mo.”  By the way, his hairstyle was an eye-catching one, so unique!

The 1:43 artists looked like K (Korean) pop or J (Japanese) pop and they were pretty cool Chinoy or J-Noy (Filipino with Japanese blood) guys serenading the crowd.  Oh yes, they are Filipinos - Anjo, Kim, and Gold are half Chinese and Yuki is half Japanese. They're cute in their dance steps and sweet expression in their song “Sa Isang Sulyap Mo.” They sang “Harana” too and charmed the young girls to shout for joy!

Jenny Escalanda known as Pinoy Pop Superstar was one of the front act performers.   She got the powerful high-pitched and beautiful voice, so clean in the musical waves. Bravo!

Beautiful Emmanuelle from PBB Teens played with her guitar as she sang “God Gave Me You.”  Her rendition was so lovely, with soul! 

Kean Cipriano, the lead vocalist of Calla Lily
Bugoy Drilon’s rendition of “Hindi Na Bale” was well appreciated by the audience aside from his electrifying giggle.

The last but not the least, Jovit Baldovino, the grand winner of Pilipinas Got Talent sang Journey’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You.”

Snooky Serna graced the second night concert to represent the FYM Foundation, Inc.’s host in GEM NET TV entitled “Lingap Sa Mamamayan.”

While Ernie Magtuto, the host, pianist and musical artist of NET25’s Sessions on 25th St. played piano and sang “Against All Odds.”

It rained in the second night but the crowd remained still and they finished the concert until the end.

It was indeed a fantastic and wonderful event with fun-filled memories!  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Comments from the Audience

Here are the random comments from the audience…

Australian band - "Calle" sang for Pinas FM95.5 audience 
Grabe, ang saya!”


“Ang galling ng performance to the max ng Bloomfields, Dingdong Avanzado, Nina, 6 Cycle Mind, Grace Note at Calla Lily!”

“Sobrang ok ni Christian Bautista! 

“Sexy ng boses ni Jessa Zaragosa!”

“Ang husay ni Chadleen!” 

“Kailan kaya mauulit ito?”

Tennis champ, Dennis V. watched the concert and remarked: “Masaya ang concert, may mga pa raffle din at bigatin ang mga na-invite nila na performers.  Maganda rin ang flow ng concert kaya lang maraming nasayang na oras sa paghihintay ng next performer dahil sa pagseset-up ng gamit o instrument.  Sana ginamit nila ang mga patay na oras sa pag-draw ng raffle prizes para di masyadong late ang concert. Pero over-all maganda ang kinalabasan ng concert, kahit ako na hindi mahilig manood ng concert ay nasiyahan at natuwa.”

Are you one of us in the concert?  Then, let us know your experience and comments, you may post below…
Jenny Escalanda - Pinoy Pop Superstar in Fun-bansang Selebrasyon

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Pinoy Vision loves Pinas FM 95.5 and their Fun-bansang Selebrasyon event. Happy First Year Anniversary!

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