Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eBay Philippines offers Kuponan

"He who does not economize will have to agonize"
                         - Confucius 

Our current economic situation in any part of the world draws us to be more frugal. However, we also need to savor what life is! It is so timely that ebay continuously innovate ways to be valued more by their subscribers using this group buying facility.

With its enormous online buyers, eBay.ph Kuponan is said to be the number one group buying site in the Philippines. In their site it also says: “It is the latest marketing solution on which businesses are taking advantage of in promoting and effectively advertising their products and services at zero cost.” 

The good thing for parents who want to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthdays and much awaited occasions, this Kuponan proposes discounts ranging from 50 – 80% and you do not need to pay in full!

When I saw their website, I have the urge to try and buy the following:

No need to be reluctant about eBay Philippines’ reputation because since 1995 it has become the world's largest place to buy and sell. It is a community of hundreds of millions of regular people, small businesses, and even big businesses from all of the seven continents. Millions of items of every kind imaginable, in every condition imaginable, change hands every day on eBay for prices ranging from one cent to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars (or pounds, or other forms of currency). (Source: www.ebay.about.com)

According to eBay’s mission statement, "eBay's mission is to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything."

And wow, there are various great deals in their site, anything you think under the sun that you love to have or try like this wonderful travel packages, dress, coach, iPhone, nike, iPad, iPhone 4, forever 21, guess, oakley, blackberry, wedge, bags, lacoste, havaianas, H&M, Louis Vuitton, LV wallet, nine west, laptop, technomarine, fitflop, nokia, tory burch, boots, shoes, PSP and much more on eBay.ph!

So what are you waiting for Pinoys and Pinays, this is for limited days only! Check this out: www.eBay.ph and www.kuponan.com and let us group together online! Happy buying!

Thanks to Kuponan, moms and dads can now have their best options to buy here in the Philippines. I will keep on coming back to this site for more great deals! 

PinoyVision loves Kuponan


chosen1 said...

Thanks truly awesome! Now a days people are buying online and one of the trusted site is ebay. There are many products to choose for and many sellers are giving some discount. Choose wisely and enjoy shopping online!

Alwin said...

group buying is very popular nowadays. been seeking for a site that is offering more discounts, finally got one. thanks to kuponan.

ding robillos said...

I have tried once buying printer ink for my old printer thru ebay. I can't believe there's such one in bigger and convenient containers with attachment for black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Since I am printing a lot from my computer using another printer brand, I was encouraged by my friend to look into ebay site for these innovated inks for my old printer which I was about to discard because of its expensive inks. From then on, I use this old printer that uses inks in bigger containers. Many thanks to ebay!

Anonymous said...

Nice. :D

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