Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bourgy D. Langit, the kid DJ in Pinas FM95.5

An awesome kid named Bourgy Langit amazed me with his wit, talent and spontaneity as a youngster disc jockey.  He is now making waves in the musical industry as the voice of “Bulilit ng Pinas” in one of the recognized FM radio stations in Metro Manila – PINAS FM95.5!
DJ Bourgy and mentor DJ Raymond Stone in the premier night of Dolphin Tale
When I first heard him, I asked whose child is that. He seemed to be studying in International School or in a private school with his diction, pronunciation and talent in his impromptu discussion with his mentor DJ Raymond Stone live on-air.

DJ Bourgy has no regular schedule in the station but appear when he is available on either Saturday or Sunday. Education is still his top priority! According to him, he loves to greet someone on-air to make the listeners happy so that their heart will be good or healthy. How sweet to know that a Grade III child in his elementary years at New Era Public School would love to become a DJ for a simple reason of making people happy! That sounds to me a manifestation of a great heart and mind of a boy like him.

I can sense also his natural appreciation for music, hosting and even in promoting tourism in the Philippines. The way he lively sang together with DJ Raymond Stone; and sang enjoyably in his seat while the guest performer Mike Chan sang out loud live the “21 Guns” was so enjoyable to see and hear!
Deliberately, Bourgy smiled to me and encouraged foreigners and balikbayans to visit Philippines because of the many tourist spots and landmarks like:
  • Underground River in Palawan
  • The Shipwreck and several diving sites in Palawan specially in Coron
  • Banol Beach
  • Coron Island, the Sleeping Giant
  • Hundred Islands in Pangasinan
  • Calauit Island Safari
  • Ocean Park in Manila
  • Luneta where you can see Jose Rizal’s Monument
By the way, Bourgy’s father is an Overseas Filipino working in Singapore and his mother Lenny is a native of Coron, Palawan and so the child’s positive reception to these travel sites can be felt. Bourgy is also a loving little brother of Tara who he always addressed on air as “Tara, the writer.”

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