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Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates dine at Yoshinoya SM North EDSA

Yoshinoya Philippines SM North EDSA sponsors Miss Philippines Earth 2017 (

Organized by Carousel Productions, the Miss Philippines Earth is an annual pageant to search for the most beautiful woman with environmental-friendly cause in the Philippines. There are about 40 candidates vying for this crown.

Yoshinoya President Timothy James G. Yang (center) posed with the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates at their SM North EDSA store (

Yoshinoya Philippines, known to be home to delicious modern Japanese comfort food, from fresh salads, delectable seafood, noodles and great selections of entrées on Japanese rice bowls sponsors this competition yearly. It supports this pageant because by doing so people will be more aware of the importance of protecting our environment that will create a harmonious and genuine care for our Mother Earth.

The first batch of Miss Philippines Earth 2017 visited Yoshinoya SM North EDSA recently. Each city has its own representative who carried with them their own advocacy aside from their beauty, brain, talent and personality.

Candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2017 together with the staff and service crews of Yoshinoya, SM North EDSA (
Just before lunch, I was in the event area and I got the chance to have the souvenir photo opportunity with the green beauties.

People started to come in and awed with the height and allure of these young and beautiful ladies with a purpose.

The Yoshinoya President and General Manager Timothy James G. Yang smiled with pride as he welcomed all the candidates of Miss Philippines Earth through his short speech in their store and expressed the company’s vision, mission and its support in protecting and preserving our nature through this pageant.
General Manager Timothy James G. Yang during the short program held in Yoshinoya second level SM North EDSA Branch with the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates (

Yummy Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya Kani Salad (
Filipinos nowadays love Japanese food as what is being offered in Yoshinoya. This Japanese fast food chain is known to be the largest chain of Gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant and so their tagline: “Japan’s Famous Beef Bowl” can be seen in their marketing collaterals.

At lunch, I tried Yoshinoya’s Kani Salad (P69), Beef Gyudon (P149), Tempura, their new product Big Chicken (P145) and their Red Tea. I love their salad as a starter meal; a mix of lettuce, Japanese dressing, cucumber, carrots, mango and seaweeds. All were flavorful and affordable too. My thumbs up to their Beef Gyudon!
Yoshinoya Gyudon (
Their motto of having food that is "delicious, affordable and fast meals" was achieved. The brand shout when it started in Japan since 1899 still holds true even up to this eon. Their service crew even during the crowded moment remained to be calm, smiling and willing to serve - delighting us and the rest of the customers.
Yoshinoya Tempura (
Currently, there are 11 stores in Metro Manila: Fairview Terraces, SM Fairview, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila, Glorietta, Valero, SM Southmall, SM Cebu Seaside and SM City Cebu.

I Am A Woman of The Earth

Miss Binan Nikkie Marie Abalos Elizalde, one of the vying Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates at Yoshinoya SM North EDSA (
After our lunch, each candidate was called and introduced, walked with graceful catwalk holding the delicate Japanese paper umbrella as they trail with style. All the ladies presented themselves with pride and promote their city, the city’s product offerings, their advocacy and what they do to promote their campaign.
Protect our environment and empower our people through information. Quote courtesy of Miss Elizalde's Facebook Fanpage (
Like Miss Binan, Nikkie Marie Abalos Elizalde mentioned their puto Binan as known pasalubong or delicacies in Binan, Laguna. Elizalde is one of the vying Miss Philippines Earth candidates who is so visible in Facebook promotions. Among Elizalde’s hashtags that capture me were: #ChangeClimateChange  

Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates lunch with the select media and bloggers at Yoshinoya SM North EDSA (

Other candidates were equally good in promoting the tourism in their city like in Puerto Princesa and other cities. Amazed with how they project and relayed their fascinating stories, stance and beauty inside out.
I AM THE WOMAN OF THE EARTH - The Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates dance with joy and express their support to protecting our environment at Yoshinoya SM North EDSA (
The candidates danced as a group with choreography with the tune of the Miss Earth song - I Am A Woman of the Earth. Spreading and waving their arms, an act of love, happiness in free style.

Joining in this beauty with environmental cause pageant takes courage, confidence, intelligence, talent and for me all of them are already winners!

By the way, I had the chance to meet Yoshikidos too. The kids with their orange uniform brought youthful energy inside the restaurant and made me feel like them too!
The Yoshikidos and the blogger (
The pre-pageant event will be on July 5, for media presentation and the Coronation Night will be on July 15 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. The prejudging shall be held on three separate occasions; figure & form, beauty of face and poise and intelligence category where the top 12 finalists will be chosen and announce at the finals. Loren Mar Artajos is the reigning title holder and will crown her successor at the end of the show.

Whoever wins the pageant will serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection in the country and will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Earth.
Lifestyle and food bloggers and advertising managers with the Yoshinoya President Timothy James G. Yang (second from left) and Operations Manager Lala Habana (third from right)
Thank you to the organizers, blogger Cha Sy and to the management of Yoshinoya for inviting me to see these women of beauty and principle. I am grateful to savor the food in Yoshinoya too!
Yoshinoya President Timothy James G. Yang and employees during the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 lunch and short program at Yoshinoya SM North EDSA (

Looking forward to seeing the coronation night of Miss Philippines Earth! Let’s support and care for our environment, change the Climate Change, do the 5 Rs (rethink, reduce, recycle, reuse and respect). At the same time try Yoshinoya! Hai, so desu! Domo arigato gozaimasu!


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