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Ariella Arida, popular candidate in Miss Universe 2013

ARIELLA H. ARIDA, will she be the next Miss Universe 2013? Vote now.

(MANILA, PHILIPPINES) ARIELLA "Ara" HERNANDEZ ARIDA is the reigning Miss Universe-Philippines 2013, 24 years old, 5 feet and 7 inches tall, originated from Alaminos, Laguna, peers described her as creative, competent, inquisitive, determined, talented and hardworking. 

Go vote for Philippines @ Miss Universe 2013
A Chemistry graduate with honors from the University of the Philippines (Los Banos), with the knack in entrepreneurship who sold herbal sweets in her grade school.   She would like to combine technology and entrepreneurship in the future to develop her own perfumery line.  

The love for learning and passion to teach the youth are things she would like to pursue as advocacy as she was brought up by her parents who were both educators.

She loves sports including volleyball, swimming, and running.

VOTE Online Now

The campaign to vote for Ariella Arida in the 2013 Miss Universe Official Fan Vote buzzed globally like fire when it started on November 4.  The online voting is still ongoing until November 8 and the winner of the poll will advance automatically in the semi-finals.

For those Filipinos and foreigners around the world who have not voted yet, please vote PHILIPPINES represented by Ariella Arida in this link: http://www.missuniverse.com/members/profile/657652/year:2013 using all your valid emails and rate it 10. You may also log onto http://www.telemundo.com 

* Enter your email.
* Enter country to vote: PHILIPPINES
* Click 10
* Remember 1 for dislike 10 for like
* Enter code as shown in the pop-up file
* Click I certify that I am 16 years or older.
* Click vote!

SHARE this reminder to your Facebook, email and twitter friends. In voting, participants may vote 100 times per email address per day. So, what are you waiting for, vote, vote, vote and share, share, share!

Pinoy Supports Arida
Knowing her background, the Pinoy communities from Twitter.com/katwitz, Philippines Science Journalists, Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) and the media gave her morale support from TV, radio, and prints plus social media promotions in blogs, tweets, intagram broadcasts, pinterest and all sort of new things in the web. 

Here are select messages for our Miss Universe – Philippines 2013 representative:
  • Philippine Science Journalists Mega Manila Chapter President Estrella Gallardo said: Go go Arida in the arena of beauty & talents you got them both work for it to your best.  God bless you.  God bless Philippines
  • Radyo ng Bayan’s (DZRB) Radio Broadcaster and Philippine Science Journalists National President Mely Tenorio suggested her to explore her personality in the science world, being inventor and scientist, something unique in her. “God bless you Ariella Arida,” she continued.
  • Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s broadcaster, host and director of several programs in DZEC and NET25 Belle Surara boosted her to: “Bring home the bacon. God speed.”
  • The Pinoy Scientist’s host of DZEC’s Radyo Agila, Dr. Custer Deocaris, termed her as the World’s Most Beautiful Computational Chemist
  • One visual tweet that captured Ara’s and my attention was this sketch, a fan-art, made by a twitter follower Jeric Ko ‏@jericko393 16 Oct, he said: @araarida “I made you a fan-art as a support, pls post this to your instagram...do your best and we will pray#4theph”
Instagram fan of Ariella Arida created a fan-art to support her
             What a positive visualization!    
  •  Former beauty queen Miss Universe crown (1969) holder Gloria Diaz affirmed that Arida will shine in Miss Universe 2013. Diaz was the first Filipina to win the title when she was 18, held in Miami, Beach, Florida, USA.
  • Senator Pia Cayetano ‏@piacayetano promoted and influenced her followers to vote PHILIPPINES and rate Arida all the way with photos and retweets.
  • Dyan Castillejo ‏@Dyancastillejo used #pinaypride to support Arida
  • Overseas Filipinos' community in Moscow are all excited and in full support to cheer our candidate.
  • And a lot of constructive notes from global Filipinos. You may continue the thread in this blog or in our facebook.com/pinoyvision. She may not be perfect and articulate to express herself in English as other critics would say but then the essence in her mind counts most. Let us give it to judges to rate.
We are trend setting the hashtags in Twitter, come and join the fun, use your Twitter, Facebook and emails to encourage our own ARIELLA ARIDA, our Pinoy pride.  

We will use #AriellaMU2013 #missuniverse #missuniverse2013 #forthephilippines #pinaypride #katwitz  #crocuscityhall  #moscow #russia

On Being a Woman and Her Impact

Going back to Binibining Pilipinas 2013 interview portion, Arida was asked by PNP Chief Allan Purisima what lesson in life women can teach men.  

She said: “One lesson in life that we, women, can teach men is being sensitive. Because we all know that men are more logical when it comes to decision. They usually are more rational, straight forward. Unlike we, women, we use our heart and we tend to get emotional in some of our decisions. For me, sensitivity is something that we can teach men.”

Ariella Arida’s Shining Moments in 62nd Miss Universe Beauty Pageant
Ariella Arida, "Ice Princess" title in her glam shot

  • Arida was titled as “Ice Princess” in glam photo shoot for the pageant held last week as reported in Manila Bulletin.  She was followed by candidates from Spain, Great Britain, South Africa and Australia. 
          According to Photographer Fadil Berisha, “she’s a major favorite for the crown and if she continues to wow the judges she could be the next to wear the crown.”  

         The rest of the Top 15 in the “Ice Princess” shoot includes Poland, Venezuela, Netherlands, Ecuador, Romania, Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, Croatia and Turkey.   
  • Arida was selected as one of the six competitors to represent German luxury automobile brand Mercedes-Benz in a television advertisement in Russia starting November until the end of this year. 
          Together with Miss Germany Anne-Julia Hagen, Miss Austria Doris Hofmann, Miss Mexico Cynthia Duque, Miss Poland Paulina Krupinska and Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova.

          In her account http://instagram.com/araarida# followers awed with her radiance and  popularity to endorse major sponsors.

  • Arida and 26 candidates were chosen to be part in Tony Ward Couture Fashion Week from 86 Miss Universe hopefuls.  Candidates were given exposure in these events but this will not affect the scoring of the pageant.
Miss Universe – Philippines’ Trends and History

There is a pressure to win in Arida’s shoulder considering the past history and trends of Miss Universe – Philippines representatives which were good news indeed and scaling up to higher level every year.

Her forerunners achievements in the name of Miriam Quiambao, a physical therapist, the first runner up title in Miss Universe 1999; Ana Theresa Licaros, a lawyer, 2007 Miss Universe’s Miss Photogenic; Venus Raj, mass com graduate, fourth runner-up in 2010 Miss Universe; Shamcey Supsup, an architect, 3rd Runner-Up in Miss Universe 2011; Janine Tugonon, a pharmacist, 1st runner up in the Miss Universe 2012; and Ariella Arida, chemistry graduate and you know what I mean with this trend?

Plus the fact that a Filipina won the Miss World 2013 title - Megan Young, could be another demand for her to triumph in this competition.

Win or lose in this competition, you are already a winner!  We are proud of you!


See her at Miss Universe 2013, preliminary competition on November 6, 2013, 12:00 am (Philippines time) and the Miss Universe crown on November 9, 10 pm at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia or November 10, 2 am, Philippines time, telecast by NBC and Telemundo in the United States, with the tape delayed primetime telecast at 9 pm E.T., nine hours behind Moscow.

But do VOTE FIRST NOW for our favorite candidate ARIELLA ARIDA. Go forward Philippines.

Photos Courtesy of:
Ariella Arida’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Jeric Ko ‏@jericko393 Fan-art


Ariela Arida’s Social Media
Philippine Star
Manila Bulletin

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