My ECommerce Journey

FIVE years ago, I self studied how to make a blog and how to optimize social media connections, all because of curiosity and the new technology behind it.

After attending the writing, blogging (such as iblog series courtesy of Janette Toral), search engine optimization trainings and analytics seminars, I saw a number of things I need to improve in making sites. 

Few years back I saw an advertisement in a newspaper about Website Designing.   I enrolled myself to the short course and learned the basics of designing and the related software.  It was exciting and challenging!

Website designing, content management, and the gamut of website development including the connections with the bloggers, writers, designers, software and technology developers, social media practitioners and the eCommerce community as a whole, for me are ways to be more linked to a bigger vision of mine and the e-commerce world. 

Last Saturday, together with my classmates and trainers/coaches Edison Victorino and Eireen Diokno Bernardo had our last offline session to refine the e-commerce sites we did. Aside from the new things that I discovered, it was really fun to be with these new Ecom102 mates. We had our training plus photo shooting with corporate and Filipiniana dress at Benito’s Kitchen and “Create Your Space” located at Katipunan, Quezon City.
Christian Uybengkee, serial entrepreneur with MJ Mercado, chocolate entrepreneur
I was engrossed interviewing the start-ups like MJ Mercado, I love his culinary art of black chocolates namely Mocha Shots and all the kind of choco muchos he molded. The angelic beauty of Angel Chongco amazed me with her goods for beauty and wellness. Others are sites for cats and dogs (Mina Turingan), PC (John Cielo), real estate (Marvin Idanan) and mine about anything under the sun, (I will tell you more next time, thanks to Cloud Pinoy!)
Yummy pizza we ate after the Ecommerce102 at Benito's Kitchen, Quezon City
On top of that, I love the delicious pizzas in Benito’s Kitchen and our discussions regarding entrepreneurship ideas were so infinite, engaging and so enriching!  This will be another blog story for Christian Uybengkee for several businesses he created.

Even overseas Filipinos like the civil engineer Luis Alvarez, gained in online eCommerce seminars. Knowledge through live communication is another level in this Fast Track eCommerce 102.

Although, I have pool of website designers and developers, I still have this kind of eagerness like a child to upgrade my knowledge and skills in eCommerce.  Yes, it was another challenge but definitely another milestone for me too.

How about you, would you like to have your own e-commerce site for your individual need or for your own company? Do you need a website with your own specific requirements customized to your individual or corporate personality?  Would you like fresh, intelligent and full of inspiration?  Inquire now and email us your needs.

Or you may study online and try eCommerce 102 and know more the topics like personal branding, Facebook advertisements, how to be on top on Google page and other business related topics. For sure, aside from understanding the theories, this training is more experiential. Trainers are more hands-on and they will never stop until you learn your stuff.

ECommerce 102, the Evolution is in its fifth series and like a butterfly it undergone a metamorphosis. It evolved into a business project course with seven to nine sessions consisting of 24 modules, quick videos, lecture coverages, support group, one on one sessions, technical support and surprise sponsors. Oh, wow, the course will teach and help you build an online business with a full shopping cart.

Upgrade your knowledge or increase sales for your business. Fast track it with eCommerce102 learning (with results). Check it out, reserve your seats and pay now.

First photo in Filipiniana theme is courtesy of eCommerce102

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Janette Toral said…
Great to see you Juliet continuing with your learning journey. Go for it. More power to you!
Juliet Z. Cruz said…
Thanks for the kind words Janette! More power to your endeavors too!
hope you enjoy the food Juliet...See you on the next business venture
Good thing you enjoy the food Juliet.... See you again on the upcoming business
Juliet Z. Cruz said…
Thanks Christian. I love your delicious pizzas and the furnitures in "Create Your Space" are awesome. I am looking forward to a more productive endeavors soon (not just ideas or drawings but something to make them a reality and currency).