Exchange Links for Bloggers

Inspired to connect with other bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs, I have dedicated a page to do exchange links. This I learned from Mr. Loo or Louie Miranda, which I have added in my blog roll.

All you have to do is to write a comment on the Exchange Links Page. Tell me about your blog and I’ll add you in my blog list.

In exchange, please do the same for me, add me to your blog roll too! Or you can create a dedicated page just like I did and add me in the list.

Let us share passion for writing and promoting one another worldwide.

What are you waiting for, add your link now!

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mrloo said…
Here's mine, the blog is all about my travel, photography and the restaurants I visited. :)
Juliet Cruz said…
Thanks for dropping by mr loo!
Mico Santos said…
hello !!
here is my blogs address:

it's all about a filipino migrant living in new zealand
Juliet Cruz said…
Hi Mico,
Congrats! Just do the same for my site or include my link in your two sites.

Thanks and regards to you! :)
kikolani said…
Thanks for the nice comments you made on my happiness interview. I'd love to exchange links. My info is kikolani 2.0 - - a blog of art, poetry, photography, humor, dreams and more. I'll be sure to add you to my links page as well. :)
Juliet Cruz said…
Great and cheers for our happiness! :)
e-souled said…
hi juliet here's mine ,my blog is all about the Philipines, Filipino,events and places. btw,thanks for visiting my site and for the comment.
Juliet Cruz said…
Continue our journey, stay with us...:)
MindRich said…
Good thing to know that you are a Filipino.

I'm interested about exchanging links with you

My blog is a blog site that gives free traffic related resources (ebook,tips, reviews, others).

Just let me know what should I do next at your favor.
Juliet Cruz said…
Thanks for visiting our site!
Billy D said…
Hello! I would love to exchange links, you have a great site. :) Here is my Link it is a Internet Marketing Blog.
I have a widget on the blog where you can "Leave Your comments" along with your url.
Thanks Billy D