A Feel of Heaven at Biofriend

Stress has been called the disease of the 20th century. Doctors warn us that stress is harmful to our health and well-being exposed to it on a regular basis can trigger major problems such as cancer, kidney disease, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

By conditioning oneself to spontaneously relax, relieve tension, cope with conflict, and eliminate anxiety, one can gain freedom from stress and improve both the quantity and the quality of his/her life.

Recently, a visit to Biofriend Facial and Body Spa exactly made me experience bliss and peace. This is a day spa sanctum which is located at the heart of Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Entering Biofriend’s portal is already an energizing experience in itself as it immediately changed my world from a fast-paced environment to one of comforting ambience.

At the spa’s entrance, I was immediately overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the spa’s reception.

Then, my senses were touched by the soothing sound of droplets of water and chirping of birds, the relaxing aroma of virgin coconut oil, mint and lavender, the diffused lighting, and the ethnic interior design. All these brought friendly vibes to life!

Like most spas, Biofriend aims to "treat mind, body and soul," says spa owner Ella Manalang.

Ella shares: "Enthusiasts can feel a sense of mental and spiritual harmony during their spa stay. It’s a feeling that they also bring with them when they go back to their normal routines."

A health and lifestyle enthusiast, Ella is a spa lover who pampers herself on a regular basis. Her passion for wellness five years ago created Biofriend Facial and Body Spa.

Ms. Manalang says "Biofriend’s vision is to be known locally and abroad as an authentic Filipino massage center, a hub of peacefulness within the bustling metropolis where patrons can find quality treatments and total relaxation."

Biofriend’s signature offering includes "hilot," a deep tissue kneading practice handed down from generations and indigenous in the Philippines. Hilot employs a combination of both relaxation and therapeutic experience.

Among the other services Biofriend offers include: ventoza, body scrub with milk bath, deep cleansing facial, foot spa with pedicure and the hilot spa.

Ella relates that the "management of Biofriend supports and promotes the Filipino heritage, the "Buy Pinoy" concept that will boost the country’s medical tourism program."
Biofriend is one of the spas accredited by the Department of Tourism and one that pioneers in hilot massage.
Ella assures us that all Biofriend therapists have undergone careful training for all the services they offer.
With Biofriend, our spa visits will certainly bring about personal renewal and well-being, allowing one to relax, reflect, revitalize, and rejoice life.

Now, the business is for sale and is open for buyers/investors to proliferate in the Philippines and any part of the world. For interested parties, please send your letter of intent at for inquiries and appointment. Please give complete details of yourself, name, telephone, address and company.

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