Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Part 3

Pacquiao vs. Marquez III

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Pacquiao vs Marquez III is an upcoming welterweight boxing championship which will be held at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA today November 12,2011 eastern time and November 13, 2011 in the Philippines.

In summary, the first Pacman – Marquez battle was in 2004 which resulted to draw even though Pacquiao was able to knock out Marquez three times on the first round. The second fight was in 2008 (Pacquiao vs Marquez) which ended in a split decision. Marquez landed more punches but the decisive factor considered by the judges was probably because he was knocked out by Pacquiao on the third round that resulted to split decision in favor of Manny Pacquiao.

According to Juan Manuel Marquez he defeated Manny Pacquiao twice since the last two fights and that speculation probably will end on the third installment (Pacquiao vs Marquez 3).

Pacquiao vs Marquez III

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III Live streaming link below:


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