Friday, November 7, 2008

Think positive!

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Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive, because your words become your actions.

Keep your actions positive, because your actions become your habits.

Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your lifestyle.

Keep your lifestyle positive, because your lifestyle becomes your destiny.

We have to pay attention of what we say specially for our children. I remember a friend who said: "Oh my son? We are intending to save for his fines/payment for penalty for he is so naughty and hard-headed." After telling that, his son pushed a kid and arm was injured that he needs to send to the orthopedic hospital.

Sometimes we don't pay attention on what we think, say or do. Out of a mere joke, we say something negative, but do you know that we have power? We have energy and the mere words that we say will magnify, will send waves to the air and attracts whatever you say.

It is unfortunate that the news media and TV are venue of bad news. Most of the time, these words are always being used: economic depression, economic recession, economic crisis, economic down turn, market crash, foreclosure, down size, lay off, etc.

I believe that the new President-elect Barack Obama will improve the economic status of America and as a global leader it has a domino effect worldwide.

This blog is a reminder for me, for you, for all of us to check up on our thoughts, our words, our actions, our habits, our lifestyles.

Let us keep a happy memory. Let's go of the past bad memories and shout AHHHH and from then on move on! Think positive. Think abundance. Think of our goals to win the race of life.

The change or improvement must begin with me, with you and the world will change enormously.

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dede said...

that's interesting, another great motivation,..probably we can combine in to one vision heheheh,..have a good day juliet...

Neverknowsbest said...

I am not in favour nor against Obama. I am just a normal person who thinks that the rise into power of Obama shouldn't mean the change of the world, shouldn't mean that we have to figh to earn a better world. Please, do not misunderstand me, I am not a political guy, but I would always keep in mind that what makes us fight is not a single person but the true feeling of rage, of revolution to change a better world that rises inside us. USA wants to fight to save hundreds of people in Iraq, when at the same time, there are thousands of other people in Africa (Congo for example?) who are dying and who need much more help while all the rich nations are not doing even a tenth of what they could...

Is Obama a change for good? I would say yes! Will it be the answer to problem? I do not know, but if there is a solution is inside everyone of us who have to learn not to be scared anymore and fight for the situation. If Obama is good enough to be where he is, he should be good enough to do something about it.

Sorry if I bothered you, and have a nice week. I will be glad to pass by more often.


Juliet Cruz said...

Hi Dede,
Yeah! We may collaborate to have one vision. By the way, it's nice to know that you are Chef and you are an Indonesian. I love Indonesian and Singaporean food too! Like popiah (lumpia here in the Philippines).

I need more recipes (of success and Indonesian food too!)

You may put me also in the "blog to follow" ;)

I may put your link also in my blog, you may also comment here:

Terima kasih dan sampai jumpah lagi!


Juliet Cruz said...

Hi neverknowsbest! Now, you know the BEST, interesting!

We have our own opinion, but again change starts with me and you but then Obama as a leader can make great impact and change to the world because USA is known be a global leader.


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