Chadleen Lacdo-o: TV5's 'Kanta Pilipinas' Champion and Miracle in Action

Chadleen Uy Lacdo-o, 18, emerged as the first grand winner of TV5’s reality singing search “Kanta Pilipinas.” She received Php1M cash and a recording and management contract from TV5.
       Chadleen Lacdo-o  (middle), KP grand winner with Master Ryan Cayabyab and Miss Lani Misalucha (Photo credit:
Chadleen and Rico Blanco at Kanta Pilipinas
 She rendered an arrangement suited to the quality of her voice and revived the song “HIMALA.” Her unique rendition during the Grand Finals was exquisite, not the usual winner in musical competition with ”birit” or high and shouting kind of voice, but this time, Chadleen’s voice seemed to charm the judges with her heart and soul.

“Naiyak ako,” (I cried), the judge Master Ryan Cayabyab commented in Chadleen’s presentation while Asia’s only Nightingale Miss Lani Misalucha was totally teary-eyed moved with emotions with this heart-breaking interpretation. While host and judge, Rico Blanco, who happened to be the former front man, guitarist/keyboardist, the songwriter of Rivermaya and the original singer of “Himala” was also amazed with Chadleen’s execution of the same song.

Chadleen said they were around 2000 when they were auditioned in Cebu last year, as she narrated during an interview with TV5’s “Ang Latest, Up Late” with Christy Fermin and other hosts. Narrowed down to 24 aspirants who came from different parts of the country; then 12 challengers as finalists and down to Top 8 and finally to Top four and became CHAMPION of this feat last week. Amazing and that winning voice came from one who undergone operations due to her cleft palate with speaking disability, who experienced being bullied by classmates in her childhood times.

It was an answered prayer and fulfilled dream for Chadleen to win in this competition.  Her other aspirations that she shared with me last year in which she targets to hit in five years time were:

  1. To carve a name in the musical industry.
  2. To have an album with her compositions and renditions of revivals. (This is in progress as she is doing her album with TV5.)
  3. To become an international singer
  4. To be one of the singers in INC’s Centennial Anniversary in 2014
  5. To help her family
  6. To be on “Top List of Billboard” in the Philippines and later in international arena
  7. To become an actress.  (However, music is her first love. She was one of the casts of ABS-CBN’s “Idol Teleserye”)
  8. To travel in style in Paris, Italy
Chadleen and her winning smile. 

Like any other normal teenager, this pretty, talented and dazzling lady has favorites. She likes Beyonce and Adelle for International singers; Angeline Quinto, Juris, Sarah G., Toni Gonzaga and Zia Quizon for Local singers. She loves to play volleyball and guitar, too. This time, Chadleen akin to butterfly has metamorphosized, evolved with original style, new genre, waiting to be seen and heard in the mainstream and new media.

“Life is like a roller coaster” she said, but no matter what, she will continue to inspire and give hope not only to those with speaking disability or cleft palate, but also “I will sing for those who can’t, sing for those who dream and sing for those who needs miracle.”

“I am so thankful to God for all the blessings that he gave me.  He used Operations Smile as an instrument so that I could pursue my dreams to become a singer someday.” Currently, Chadleen is the Singing Ambassadress of Operation Smile Philippines and she performed in different places around the world through this cause.

Chadleen renders "Himala" with her "Kanta Pilipinas" family
Chadleen’s mother Bebot and father Roberto supported her hopes and prayers through the rough roads of challenges.  Her parents inspired her to join in “Kanta Pilipinas.” 

Remember “Forrest Gump” film (1994), Tom Hanks as the title role, uttered to the nurse, a stranger while waiting for the bus: “My mama always told me that miracles happen every day.” I believed so, but we are miracles in action and conviction. 

Photo Credits: and Chadleen Lacdo-o

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