Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrates its 98th Anniversary

Happy 98th Anniversary to all Iglesia Ni Cristo. Graphics by Michael Suguitan

TODAY marks the commemoration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo's (Church of Christ) 98th year of establishment in the Far East specifically in the Philippines. 

Yesterday, netizens (internet citizens) especially Twitter account holders and social media users of Facebook among others cannot wait to send greetings around the world. They even experienced problems last night in sending tweets due to some engineering reasons. “Cool, chill,” according to Twitter.com website. However, as of this 2:30 p.m. Philippines time, the greetings are trending worldwide top 3 and 4 respectively for “Happy 98th Anniversary” and #IglesiaNiCristo. 
Trend today worldwide

According to Republic Act 9645, signed on June 12, 2009, every July 27 is “Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Day,” declared as a special national working holiday in commemoration of the founding anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines. This is also to recognize “the exemplary feat of INC in leading its members towards spiritual enlightenment and good citizenry”. 

INC is celebrating its 98th Anniversary by holding Grand Evangelical Mission or sharing the faith to all people around the world, inviting them to know more the Church in these last days. This is in consonance with their theme this year: “Intensified propagation of the words of God.” 

From its humble beginnings in 1914, the Iglesia Ni Cristo is now a powerful organization with millions of members globally, with more than 5,400 congregations in the Philippines and in more than 90 countries. 

INC started to set up congregations in 1916. The Visayan congregation was arranged in Cebu in 1938 and in Mindanao in 1946. The first concrete chapel was built in Sampaloc, Manila, in 1948. It started its first overseas mission n 1968. The INC Central Office building was built in Quezon City in 1971 and the Central Temple was added 15 years later. Congregations in Hawaii and San Francisco, USA were established in 1973. The Ministerial Institute of Development (now New Era University) was founded in 1974. 

Just recently, INC supported a medical-dental mission, slated “Lingap sa Mamamayan” (International Aid to Humanity) in Baseco, Parola and Isla Putting Bato in Tondo on July 7, 2012. This event gained Guinness world records and sealed as “Officially Amazing!” The Church has outreach programs during calamities and disasters, youth development, alternative learning system and community extension among other important missions. 

In construction is a huge 50,000-seat indoor arena in Ciudad de Victoria, Bulacan in preparation for its centennial celebration in 2014. More meaningful and remarkable activities seemed to surprise us as this Church traverse its 100th year existence to become the most historical affair in the world! 

Happy 98th Anniversary to all the Iglesia Ni Cristo members around the world!  May your light shine more globally and intensely in these last days! 
98th Anniversary graphics design courtesy of Michael Saguitan

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...people in all walks of life is seeing how INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo) is going forward with God's guidance to this "AMAZING" church!...but it is not only to see and be amaze, we have to look more internally, this is a way of God's calling to seek the right path for the soul's redemption.
we LOVE Iglesia Ni Cristo