NAST grants Outstanding Young Scientists (OYS)

THE National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), the highest recognition body on science and technology conferred the Outstanding Young Scientist (OYS) Award. 

The 10 young Filipino scientists transpired as OYS awardees were: 

Michele Grace V. Paraso, Ph.D. (Environmental Science) of the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, in her important researches that established the link between animal health and environmental health issues; 

Marcos B. Valdez, Agricultural Scientist of the Animal Genetics Biology Department, School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University, in his outstanding work in the establishment of several inbred lines of chickens which are currently used as general experimental animals in the fields of biomedicine, transgenic research, immunology, and population studies; elucidation of sex determination in Aves; 

Leslie Michelle M. Dalmacio, Ph.D. of the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology College of Medicine University of the Philippines, Manila, in her significant researches on the human microbiome and probiotics studies which helped elucidate the community structure and role of these microorganisms in health and disease; 

Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz, Ph.D. Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. Rer. Nat.), 2006 TU Braunschweig, (Mycology) of the Department of Biological Science, College of Science University of Sto. Tomas, in recognition of his significant contributions in the study of fungal diversity in the country in particular on the under-explored myxomycetes, dictyostelids, fruticose lichens, mangrove fungi and marine fungi; 

Wilfredo A. Dumale Jr., Ph.D. (Biological and Environmental Engineering) of the Nueva Viscaya State University, in his significant contributions in the field of soil science in relation to the environment, specifically the turnover of stable soil organic carbon to atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and lime as major source of CO2; 

Dindo Agustin A. Tabanao, Ph.D. (Applied Plant Sciences) of the Philippine Rice Research Institute, to recognize his important research activities which made significant impacts in the fields of genetics and plant breeding in the Philippines and in other countries; 

Gemma Teresa T. Narisma, Ph.D. (Atmospheric Science) of the Ateneo de Manila University, in her outstanding researches on the influence of land cover on climate and regional climate modeling. 

Narisma obtained her doctoral degree in Atmospheric Science from Macquarie University in Australia, and was affiliated with the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment at the University of Wisconsin, Madison until 2008. She has since been undertaking projects with the Manila Observatory and has published several scientific articles in ISI journals. 

Bernard John V. Tongol, Ph.D. (Engineering Applied Chemistry) of University of Sto Tomas in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of electrochemical surface science, specifically on the electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy studies of electroactive polymers and oligomers of thiophenes on gold single crystal electrode; 

Derrick Ethelbert C. Yu, Ph.D. (Chemistry) of the De La Salle University in recognition of his outstanding research contributions in inorganic and organic metallic chemistry, specifically in the design and synthesis of partially-oxidized metallopthalocyanines with axial ligands useful in the development of non-volatile computer memory and his one-step synthesis method enabling facile reproduction of promising molecular conductors; and 

Ronald U. Mendoza, Ph.D. (Economics) of the Asian Institute of Management, in recognition of his long-term research initiatives which focus on Philippine competitiveness, the requirements for inclusive growth, and the connection between political dynasties and development. 

A plaque and a cash prize of P100,000 were given during the NAST awarding ceremonies recently at the Manila Hotel, and a research grant of P500,000 upon approval of a research proposal.

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