Do you need Teambuilding Workshop, Rest and Recreation for your company or family?

One of the important aspect of training, seminars and workshop is to know or to plan the venue. Visiting or having an ocular inspection of the place is another process to do in order to ensure that the place is appropriate to kind of event that you are planning...

In M-Vision Business Solutions, we conduct several trainings and workshops and one of those is designed Teambuilding Workshop for organizations. We have several invites from several resorts and one of those was Villa Jireh Japeth Holistic Resort Hotel at Pangasinan.

It was an early Sunday, when we visited Villa Jireh, a five hectares resort, greenery landscape and white hotel with all the man-made landscaping amaze us...My son really enjoyed swimming and he even wanted to stay more, however we have to go back home...:)

We recommend this resort for budget company events, family vacations and wedding receptions too. They can accommodate more than 200 participants for the reception. While 100 guests for the hotel accommodation.

Check this quick video of a kid who likes to stay at Villa Jireh pool.

Juan Miguel enjoyed swimming

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