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Keep Fighting Neil

#KeepFightingNeil - Keep Fighting Cancer Neil Jann Billedo! 

In 2010, Neil Jann Billedo or NJ to his friends and relatives, suffered from cancer known as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He recounted life and his battle was not easy then. Six cycles of chemotheraphy, one session per month for six months.

In his Tumblr account, NJ said:“Walang nakakaalam na may sakit ako except my family, relatives, and my close friends. It was never declared that I was already cancer-free. Nag assume na lang ako na magaling na ako. Mali pala. Ngayon, nagrelapse ulit yung sakit ko. Even worse is nasa loob na siya ng bone marrow ko.” 

In a medical parlance Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (also known as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, NHL, or sometimes called as lymphoma) is a cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the body's immune system.

Lymphocytes help fight off diseases, so it's normal to see a temporary rise in the number of lymphocytes after an infection. 

FIGHT CANCER WITH HOPE.  - Neil Jann Billedo 

Recently, her mother Melanie relayed that Lymphoma reoccurred and treatments were done again last year and as of this writing NJ is still in the hospital in Manila. Moreover, the cancer spread in his bone and found to have Leukemia. She said the doctor advised NJ for a Bone Marrow Transplant which may cost them from Php 2M to Php 8M.

Neil had already fought and conquered cancer once, and with conviction, through prayers and faith, with the support of the generous hearts of everyone, he can surpass this war against cancer.

Keep Fighting: A Benefit Concert


Cancer is just a word, a disease and not a life sentence. 

Neil’s officemates, friends, former classmates thought of series of events and fundraising ways and activities for his medications such as this Keep Fighting event, a benefit concert.

Keep Fighting, a concert for NJ to support his treatment against cancer will be on July 20 (Friday), 8:00 PM at The World's End: A Pub, located at Matalino Street, Quezon City (near Maginhawa Street food area). Each ticket costs Php350 with one free drink.

Enjoy great music, experience the energy, the presence of bands and artists such as MilesExperience, Ahmad Tanji of We Are Imaginary, Jana Garcia, The Last Great Auks, Giro Alva, Mae Ericka Jean Picar, Russ Bordaje Corcino, Marga Testado and Allec Testado's heartfelt spoken poetry from PETA.

Tickets are now available for reservation. 

For monetary donations, kindly direct it to Neil's mother with details below:

BDO Savings Account 
Melanie C. Billedo 

Keep Fighting Tees Now Available

Buy this Keep Fighting T-Shirt - Php350 

Keep Fighting T-shirt/s are now available and you may order now.  

Wear it to support Neil for only Php350. Sizes are extra small, medium, large and extra large (XS, S, M, L, XL).

Please make an official purchase by sending message at their Facebook Fanpage Keep Fighting: Fundraising Events for Neil with the following details:     - Name
    - number of shirt to order
    - size(s), address for delivery 
      (thru LBC, additional  payment for delivery)

Meet ups at UP IESM Admin Office (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) or UP TechnoHub (5:00 PM- 7:00 PM).

Payment options: 

Payment for the t-shirts and tickets can be done through the following options:

Bank Transfer:
BPI Peso Saving Account
Jhunace G. Planea
9219 1614 81
Contact Number: 0905-5638938

Local Remittance Center: 

Palawan/ Cebuana/ LBC 
Name: Olive P. Lagulao
Contact Number: 0916-5174367

Meet-Up Locations: 
UP Techno Hub or UP Diliman IESM

For international bank transfer, kindly send them a message so they can guide you with the list of international bank partners where you can send the amount.

By liking and sharing their page Facebook profile Keep Fighting: Fundraising Events for Neil you will get updates on further fundraising events and will help to disseminate the information.

Blood Donate

Please donate any blood type to swap with NJ’s Blood Type A+. Blood donors please call 0999-5986816, 0916-5174367, 0905-5638938


NJ’s message of positivity: “So, sa lahat ng napanghihinaan ng loob, chill lang. Walang mararating kapag napanghinaan ka ng loob. Pumikit ka lang. Magtiwala ka sa Kanya. Kapag tinanong na niya, kaya? Kayang kaya!” 

Live a life of significance. Life must go on. Help Neil to continue living a life of meaning and give him hope by saying a prayer, let the miracles pour in his blood and may he continue to live (according to His will). 

Love and hope.  We may donate, buy concert ticket/s, buy t-shirt/s, share this blog or reblog the events and boost massively the Facebook Fanpage of

To Neil, we believe you are amazing and strong. It’s been said, cancer is just one chapter in your life, not the whole story.  You will get through this. 

Transform the moment. Pray. Gather your power. There is power in love and in purpose, the common denominator for many who survive in any kind of crises. 

Dare if you have not dared to dream your biggest dream Neil. 

Let this fuel you and ignite the power within.  Start the battle of the possibilities.

As William James wrote: “Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. It is only by risking your person from one hour to another that you live at all.  Your faith beforehand in an uncertified result will make the result come true.”

Hashtag #KeepFightingNeil and share the benefit concert, the fundraising activities, all your positive vibes and messages in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for NJ.   To bring more awareness to fight cancer and to support Neil Jann for his will to live longer, better and happier!

Be part of a bigger cause!  We are stronger together.

Photo from NJ's Instagram  #KeepFightingNeil


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