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Digital Asia Expo and Conference prepares companies, media for ASEAN integration

2014 Digital Asia Expo and Conference (DAX ) on May 29, 2014 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. William Guido, (third from left), chairman and chief executive officer of Globaltronics, Inc. [Photo from Digital Asia Expo Facebook]
Coinciding with this year 20th anniversary of internet in the Philippines, the 2014 Digital Asia Expo and Conference (DAX) with the theme "One Digital ASEAN" gained vibrance and resonance among the participants from May 29 to 31 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Globaltronics Inc., the co-presenter of this event aims to converge people in one marketplace to provide the latest information on various topics about the digital industry and social media, including the emergence of innovative technologies in advertising and communications that could bring the enabling platform for the country and other nations to integrate and prepare for ASEAN integration comes 2015.

Globaltronics Inc. is the digital signage advertising leader in the Philippines using LED boards and visual display systems as best virtual marketing solutions that are dynamic, versatile, and durable.
William Guido, CEO, Globaltronics Inc. during his opening remarks
[Photo from Digital Asia Expo Facebook]
William Guido, chairman and chief executive officer of Globaltronics, Inc. remarked on its first day expounding about the digital transformation: "The 2014 Digital Asia Expo and Conference seeks to become the link, call it a catalyst of sorts."

He continued, "As new technologies in digital and social media breaks through at fantastic speeds, government, the private sector and civil society must become ready. Digital must become inclusive, not just as new tools for marketing and advertising, but also as a means to address rising inequality, unemployment and poverty."


All things are becoming digital. People from all walks of life (from child to adult) are all influenced by the digital world.

Donald Lim, chief digital officer of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, one of the speakers of this event even pointed out that internet is becoming the prime necessity of survival as shown in his illustration of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

DAX also aims to bring the international and local businesses and brands to connect among companies, professionals and potential consumers.

International and local speakers talk about the future of digital industry and trends:
Rob Fowler, sales director for Philips @DAXPhilippines
[Photo from Digital Asia Expo Facebook]
Rob Fowler, the sales director for Philips Commercial Displays in the Asia Pacific spoke about how digital screens are changing the way we live.
  • The trend will use the demographics software that will track who is looking at the screen (gender, age, quantity). It will track what ads stick to the consumer and will tell what do we need to add in mall setting.  This is a real-time tracking.
Bing Kimpo, marketing communications and media professional with 20 years of experience in Advertising and Public Relations showed how digital out-of-home can work together with different screens and using these screens to communicate to consumer.

Ram Teodosio, digital director of Starcom MediaVest Group, a leading global media agency, relayed about brand stories in digital and how all that data is mined for brands. 

Mick Atienza, lead strategist for Creative and Digital Solutions for the Philippine Star with 14 years worth of experience in the print, advertising, and marketing industry, showed how newspapers are expanding to digital media.

FROM RAPPLER'S PRESENTATION: Natashya Gutierrez, multi-media reporter (showing her three roles into one), with her camera and microphone, reporting for RAPPLER 
In behalf of Maria Ressa, the chief executive officer and executive editor of  Rappler, Natashya Gutierrez, pioneer multimedia reporter of this social media-centered news outfit (started three years ago), has fine education from Yale University and she presented "From Mass Media to My Media" with zest.

  • She narrated the journey to success of Rappler from then three to more than 100 employees now.  This crowd sourcing big data social media news portal capability can also crowd search emotions of people reading the news.  It can analyze in real-time with graphical (pie) illustration which is color coded.
  • The transformation of the digital journalist/ reporter in breaking the news can be achieved even alone using gadgets like digital camera, microphone, tripod (and paraphernalia), internet and social media as compared with the traditional TV having three personnel (reporter, camera and audio men).  This definitely gives more value aside from being effective.  This start-up new media can now compete in mainstream media having accuracy as its core value.
  • Journalism evolved then from reporting to people in one-way communication to two way communication. People are now more responsive and involve in news reporting (making use of their opinions, considering what people like and news to share).  New media considers social media. It involves people reporting using video or audio from mobile phone, digital camera and or audio recorder and directly uploading to YouTube as what happened in Super Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, Leyte last November where they did not have any reporter at the site.  They track Yolanda tweets with CrisisTracker.
  • Rappler's newscasting is designed to engage the mind, with 15 minutes maximum length to consider span of time the mind can focus.
  • More than 10 million photos uploaded every hour in Facebook with nearly 3 billion times who clicks "like" button or leave comment.  While in YouTube, there are 100 million monthly users upload over an hour of video every second.  In Twitter, the number of tweets grow 200% per year.  In 2012, there was 400 million tweets a day!  She said, if Facebook is a country, it would be the world's third largest.  
  • How hashtag #BoomPanes can be so viral (originated from Vice Ganda)
  • In one of her slides, she said: "Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web."   
  •  In 10 years, she said, over 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be in the list.
  • The Future is here. She inspired us with prediction of CW Anderson and Emily Bell in Post Industrial Journalism, Adapting to Present as:  "The origination of ideas, algorithms, the formation of movements and innovations to practices all require originality of thought.  Journalists should be provoking change, initiating experimentation and instigating activity." 
  • Social media can move people to rally for transparency.
  • Current ecosystem,requires no pre-existing outlets or professional publisher to make a public statement. In the past 10 years, the value of reputation increased and cost of production decreased.
  • She quoted Eric Qualman: "We don't have a choice, whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it." 
Richard Brown, vice president of International Marketing at VIA Technologies, Inc. who also plays a vital role for the “One Laptop Per Child” initiative, spoke about new ways of connecting in the Smart City of the future.
Donald Lim, chief digital officer of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, presenting Brand Omni Presence.

Donald Lim showed rich information and applications of social media and all the digital tools and gadgets to brand omni presence.
  • "We are only successful because we have failed the most," Lim said during the forum.
  • Digital is only only one of the tools to communicate to clients. Going digital is a state of mind.  All media, from TV, audio/radio, print are all expanding to new media - digital. And it is not just web presence, there's new media levels, highest level being the optimized one. This could be too broad and complex to comprehend and analyze but since competitors are using and so the notion to maximize and experiment may help to reach that top level of discipline. Using analytics, "social media is not yet predictive," he said.
  • Presently, books about digital industry are obsolete simply due to rapid development in information and communications technology. So, the best thing to learn the significance of all these digital impact is by testing and and checking the brand relevance.
  • New media is one trillion in market value.
  • The applications of (hotel booking) in the travel industry is already outdated with the emerging (for finding rental place to stay around the world) where your spare house or condominium space or bed space can now be used by the traveler and who can directly contact the owner. It is now direct transaction from customer to space owner through this site. And so, new economy is taking place.
  • Cookening will be trendy. Foreigners and tourists may now book and come to your house, that is, if they like to taste the best spaghetti in the world foreigners/tourists just book and simply go to the place or your house to taste. Food travel, food trip and food gastronomy.  This made me think of my son, who is in his journey to become a successful chef or those moms and chefs who can do these things, interesting and innovative!
  • Other digital applications are getting driver using mobile app not just taxi; borrowing money through a lending club, with lean management and therefore less in interest rate.
  • Phablets will be more in the near future, the phone and tablet in one gadget. Nokia is gone. Samsung is in.
  • The evolution of internet of things is visible. Everything would have access to internet like smartphones, laptops, home (aircon, safety/security, music and refrigerator). Smart refrigerator can recognize the inventory of the products inside and alarms when it reaches the reorder level.
  • Forward looking, SIM card will be fully wired and can be scary.
  • Before a number of companies are using Facebook Fanpage alone but now companies realized the need to make blogs or related stories about the brand using generic words to describe the business.  Examples of strategies used by some brands are: Red Bull connects to all extreme sports website, and anything related to extreme physical exercise; generic make-up site is owned by L'Oreal; condiments company make food website that may use the spices; pharmaceutical companies used repository of health issues, etc.
  • Making use of mobile app to motivate cancer patients to document or journal pain.
  • Co-branding of newspaper like Gulf newspaper with specialty coffee company using tweets and hourly printing of paper cup label.
  • Mobile app for charity miles, for fundraising purposes with advocacy of changing the world as team sport (#changetheworld)
  • Using digital application can increase sale like what Wendy's have done with their new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger with their Twitter campaign. Tweets of customers become a song. Fun and effective.
    BRAND OMNI PRESENCE: "Internet now is the prime need of human being." - Donald Lim
  • Coca Cola brand in bringing people closer together in India, using touch application in the vending machine can make people happy, with humanity and more exchange can do positive results.
  • For ABS-CBN, they have used, which is watching TV on demand.   Again, digital is changing businesses.
  • Digital will not going to replace other media. It will complement at equilibrium across other media. TV will go digital. Audio/radio will go digital. Print will go digital. Outdoor advertising is already going digital.  Digital is just one of the tools. It can be at the forefront or it can be at the back.
  • Farmers and those in the agriculture industry should be abreast with the latest technology and so must go digital too to be more prepared in ASEAN integration.
  •  He mentioned that though Instagram though it can send out picture and messages to Facebook and Twitter, (and to Tumblr and Flickr) these have their own characteristics and structure.  Each must be treated individually.
  •  The only way he said to learn digital is like riding a bicycle.
Edmund Ng, director, founder, and head of Research & Development of ZNO International, a pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality and 3D Content Development discussed on new printers with capability to print what we can imagine.

Oliver Novilla, business development manager of TP Vision Pte Ltd, a joint venture company of Royal Philips Netherlands gave ideas about what the future of digital hospitality industry would be like.


2014 Digital Asia Expo and Conference (DAX) with the theme "One Digital ASEAN."
William Guido (second from right), CEO, Globaltronics Inc.; Rob Fowler, (third from right), the sales director for Philips Commercial Displays in the Asia Pacific; Frank T. Abueva, (first from right), 2014 chairman, Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines (OAAP); Fortunato Agbayani, (first from left), COO, Globaltronics, Inc.

In the closing remarks, Fortunato Agbayani, chief operating officer of Globaltronics, Inc. cleared: "I believe that Digital Revolution is at hand. Smartphones will drive technology to the countryside along with other devices, but Telcos and government must follow suit.  Initiatives to reach out to the digital have nots must be pursued at full speed, not just in the Philippines, but across the ASEAN." 

"We have learned a lot and will learn far more.  But the fact remains that if we revolutionize the technology but leave a huge gap for those who do not have it, then we would not have succeeded.  And our dream of a better Philippines, a better ASEAN would not have come to fruition," Agbayani continued.

The cry of the revolution is to bring the content to those who need it most, in a medium that can reach the unreached and to have them take action to better themselves.  Agbayani stressed today's challenge as: "change the lives of people by making our technology relevant to all."

The challenge for the Philippine government in supporting this industry is finding all ways to increase the internet's speed, much better if at par with our neighboring ASEAN countries or more so, comparable with the fastest internet country - Singapore coupled with wider reach in Philippines archipelago so that inclusive growth can really be achieved and acted upon.

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